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Thread: ahhhh Friday is almost over.......>

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    Post ahhhh Friday is almost over.......>

    WOW, i have to say I never thought I would be the first one to post today at 6:30 pm! You all must have been busy beavers today! LOL
    So glad that the weekend is here. Get this...............
    WE HAVE NOTHING PLANNED! Nothing..nope nada not a single thing! I know...hard to believe!
    Goos news My friend who was hurt got to come home to the hospital here. They flew her back! No long agonizing car ride with a broken pelvis...whew
    Kelsey got another job! so that makes 4 jobs...She did finally put in her 2 weeks at the ice cream store,I think reality has set in and I think she finally realizes she needed a better paying consistant job. It will be good for her and it is with a very reputable company..They also said she can come in earlier if her schedule allows it!
    Lets see...Thomas is going to a social at the middle school tonight...Hot chicks! I think Pat and I might take in a movie during that time or go have a nice meal..although I am not too sure we will get in anywhere...HUNTERS are everywhere here due to the opening of Pheasant hunting..Very big deal around here! Lots of celebs each year too.
    Well gonna go and look at the movis line up...maybe take one of those in too!

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    Re: ahhhh Friday is almost over.......>

    Hey..I'm here late too. Wow...a quiet day weekend huh? I'm so glad your friend is doing better and coming home to the hospital here. I didn't realize she was out of town though. guess I didn't read that part..but heck, I'm so forgetful here lately...who knows. I'm just glad she's doing better. One day at a time. So Thomas is at a social huh? Like a party or a dance? Neat. I bet you wish you were a fly on the wall huh? LOL So what's this new job Kelsey has? And what are the other two again? We have hunters here too Sheri..but right now it's squirrel with deer season, opening soon. Jill's husband is a hunter. Well..gonna go for now. Let me know if you and Pat go out to eat or a movie. Hope you have an enjoyable evening.

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    Smile Re: ahhhh Friday is almost over.......>

    Well I'm not getting on here tell Saturday morning! Reason being cause I had so much I did yesterday. LOL Any ways yesterday went by quickly. I got to go see my coworkers and share my raisin layer bars which were a hit. Go walk out in the wind with my aunt whom insisted we still walk. And then come home watch Days and take a nap LOL Then I went back out and got groceries and paid a bill. Then came home to stay for the evening. Watched E.T. Last night was good to see it again. Other then that was a pretty good Friday found out I get to take an extra week off so 3 weeks instead of two left. No biggy but got to do what the Dr. says right? Well Hope all of you have a great weekend!

    Racemom sounds like your daughter is doing good with her jobs etc. hope she keeps up the good work! So how did your son's social go? Sounds to me like he will be dating soon? LOL Anyways so did you end up doing a movie or dinner? Well hope you had a good evening! Take care!


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