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    Hi, everyone. I'm visiting for the first time. Anything I should know about before I proceed to insert my foot in mouth (as it usually goes)?:-)

    I'll be 52 in Februrary and I am feeling like these is strange times, folks, inwardly and outwardly.

    I'm off to read some posts. Hope to get to know some of you better!

    Waving, Britophile

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    Welcome to the board, Brit! Don't worry about sticking your foot in anything, mouth or otherwise, because this room in the Coffeehouse has some fun, interesting and daring characters. Normally. Been a bit slow around here as everyone seems to be catching a breather and preparing for cold weather. Will pick up and you'll see the crazies come out. This place can be a bit of a romp when everyone gathers, puts there feet up and decides it's party time. Just feel free to tell us about yourself, or at least anything you're comfortable with tossing out into cyberland. Or just use your inner alter ego and make up something for us.

    I'm known by a few alias'....Tango, TT or by the name I was born with, which is Kay. No way to shorten it except to call me "K". I was born and raised in Colorado but now reside in the pretty part of South Dakota, which has the glorious Black Hills as well as a lot of wildlife that parties in our backyard. Generally in my gardens, but that's a whole 'nother story. I live a wonderful life with my best buddy and trouble-maker, my hubby of almost 45 years. We're both retired and have nothing more pressing on her plates than embarrasing our two daughters and loving the stuffings out of our 5 grandchildren. I read, sing (badly), dance (even more badly), oil paint (when in the mood....horribly) take pictures (zillions of them) avoid cooking, watch horrid reality shows on TV and mostly enjoy every single day. Hope we see a lot of you here, Brit!

    Ta ta! TT

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    Thanks for your welcome, TT!

    OK...I live alone, love it. No kids, no pets, no pool and no phone, as they say. (JK, have a phone.) I love my solitude, but I am beginning to recognize there may be problems associated with that. On the other side of the coin, I am a childrens' librarian at a very busy suburban branch and have no time alone during the day. I manage 10 people. I amso glad to live alone!


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    Hi Brit,
    Welcome to certain age. I'm CJ, married 34 years, two grown children, two adorable grandchildren. No pets since last Nov. when our little Boston Terrier went to Rainbow Bridge. Still miss him so much.

    I don't get in here too often since I went back to work after two years off.

    Its good to have you join in. Welcome again.
    Take care, CJ
    Have a great day!

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    Hi! I am Sara aka Snicks or Snickersbar. Oh, I DO know what you mean about awkward times. Interesting wording using "awkward." It's a very confusing time for me....and I am hormonally challenged. ACK! Welcome!

    P.S. I just turned 49, am divorced several times, have one grown child, and am living with my BF of two years.
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    AKA Snickersbar

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    Brittany - France.

    Post Welcome newbie!

    Welcome newbie!
    You will find everyone here delightful! In the time I have been visiting and posting (yes I know I've not been around for a while!) I have made the best cyber friends you could wish for. They've been a great source of support (in some very bad times) and humour (all the time!)
    By way of introduction;-
    I live in England (but not for much longer) and have 3 grown up children (youngest in final year of uni) I've had a few years of looking after elderly relatives but have recently returned to a bit of teaching. Tell us about yourself.
    You are most welcome here!
    Liz x

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    Ok, Kay, who you calling crazy??? Referring to "anyone" in particular???

    Anyway, I will ignore Kay's slanderous attack on me and welcome Brit. Hi, I'm Eldri, 55, with two adult daughters (and the sons-in-law and grandkids that accompany that) and one teenage son who I never stop talking about. I have been married to my high school sweetheart going on 37 years - we've been together for 39. We own a business in Wisconsin but are "semi" retired and mostly volunteer at our son's school.

    I can understand your need for solitude. The older I get the more I need some down time where I don't have to deal with other people. Dh and ds have gone up to our other home in northern Wisconsin and are hunting this weekend (since Thursday because of teachers' conventions) and I'm LOVING it. However, I remember to sound really lonely on the phone - might be worth some bling down the road if you know what I mean. Dh once bought this big pontoon boat - I got tons of stuff out of that pontoon boat for YEARS!

    You know my dream job when I was a kid was to be a children's librarian. Either that or the lady who manned the popcorn wagon in front of Mel's Trading Post in downtown Rhinelander where I grew up which, by the way, kind of came true. I get to man the popcorn popper at our son's football games so I guess that just proves dreams do come true especially if your dreams have extremely low expectations.

    Please, tell us more about yourself!
    eldri (sometimes I'm irdle, girl detective, but since I lost my detective partner - my granddaughter, Stephie, who at 14 is in NO mood to be my partner, I don't do much detecting anymore except quizzing Marshall about his latest girlfriend (I'll get you my pretty - where's the witch symbol when you need it??)
    My little Marshall


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