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    Post Destind to Be...Shuis :)

    My latest shuis fic. In a way it's flowing with the current storyline, but not entirely. Hope you like it anyways. Enjoy!

    Chapter 1

    Outraged, Sheridan threw the glass across the room and he looked at her in disbelief. The red wine dripped down the door and the man hurried to grab a towel. She held back the tears as she watched the only man she had ever loved cleaned up the mess she had made.

    "That wasn't necessary, Sheridan!" He said in a harsh tone and she jumped at his words.

    "I am so sick and tired of you not believing me. It's so frustrating when you know something is true and the only person you've ever truly connected with will not have faith in you. I am in so much pain, all I want is to find our son damn it!"

    "Marty is gone Sheridan. He died in that train explosion." Luis gently laid out to her, once again. Someone had to be the voice of reason for her. Unfortunately, it had to be him.

    "I hate you! I hate you so much that I wish you would just drop dead." Sheridan wiped the tears that had trickled from her eyes and just stared at him. Thinking back to a time where she would say jump and he'd reply how high? The good old days, before they fell apart swith the interference from her deceitful family.

    "You don't wish that. You're upset" Luis rationalized as he finished cleaning the mess.

    "You really need to leave. You have no business being here."

    "This is Fancy's home too," He said, "She is my fiancee'." Those were sent a knife through her chest.

    "If you don't want to help me find our son, I'll do it on my own. I never needed you and I'm not going to start now." Brushing passed him quickly, he grabbed her hand and held onto it. "Don't touch me!" Sheridan retorted and walked off back to her cottage.

    "What's the matter, Luis?" Fancy questioned entering the Crane kitchen.

    "Sheridan has reason to believe Marty is alive."

    "And you believe her?" The blonde asked with questionling look, "We saw the train Marty, Beth and Alistair were on. It exploded, Luis."

    "Alistair made it out alive. Who's not to say he escaped with Beth and Marty by his side?" Luis wanted to believe Sheridan was right but the signs were that his son was dead.

    "Luis, be serious. Marty died in the ex..."

    "Why not have belief that my son is alive? Are you telling me to deny what your aunt feels and move on with our lives? Right now, the way I'm feeling, I don't think I could turn my back on her. I'm going home for the night. I'll call you tomorrow." Luis walked out of the kitchen, leaving Fancy Crane standing there in the kitchen, clueless.


    "Hold on a minute." Sheridan called as she hurried to answer the door. She swung it open and gazed at him.

    "Where do we start looking for our boy?" Luis asked, snapping her out of her daze.

    "Oh Luis!" She exclaimed jumping into his arms. He hugged her back and smiled to himself as he saw the life come back into her.

    "Sher, I just want to make one thing clear."

    "What's that?" She asked.

    "This means nothing for us. We're going to find our son and bring him home. When we get back, we're going back to our lives. I'm marrying Fancy."

    "I knew that was coming. That's fine, as long as we find our son." Sheridan tried to hide the sadness in her voice. But after they found Marty she would work on making them a family.

    "As long as we have that clear where do we start looking?" Luis asked and she motioned for him to sit on the couch as she opened her laptop.

    "Are you able to track down where this live feed is being broadcasted?" She asked.

    "If this is real, I could probably have someone hack into it and find Beth's place of residence."

    "Oh Luis, I don't know how to thank you for this." She kissed his cheek and smiled brightly.

    "That's what I mean Sheridan. No hugging or kissing, even if it's on the cheek." Luis warned.

    "Ok, ok." Sheridan felt overjoyed at the thought of seeing her little boy after all this time. "Can I use the phone?" He asked and she nodded to the phone that sat on the desk.


    That night after Luis' buddy from the station checked out the live feed the man concluded where it was being broadcasted from.

    "London, England." The man said.

    "Really? Well I appreciate all you have done for us. This has been such a tremendous help" Sheridan graciously thanked Luis' friend and offered him another cup of coffee.

    "Oh no thank you, Ms. Crane. If that's all you need from me I really should get going."

    "No that will be all Justin, thanks so much" Luis shook his friends hand and walked him to the door.

    "Marty, mommy can't wait to see you baby" Sheridan whispered as she fingered the screen of her computer.

    "This is it Sheridan! We're going to find him this time. When did you want to leave?"

    "As soon as possible! I can check if there are flights leaving tonight." Sheridan offered, filled with more happiness than ever.

    "Alright." Luis waited as Sheridan made the flight and hotel reservations.

    "Everythings all set," Sheridan placed the phone back on the charger, "So go home, pack and be back in a half an hour."

    "Ok see you soon," Luis turned the knob when Sheridan caught him by surprise.

    "Are you telling Fancy what we're doing?" She asked.

    "I don't plan on it tonight. I'll call her when we arrive." Luis walked out and Sheridan was left with a satisfying smile. Yeah I bet he'll call her tomorrow, she thought and went off to pack her things.


    "What do you mean you overbooked your double rooms?!"

    "I'm very sorry, I'll be sure to accommodate you. Will the honeymoon suite be alright? It's that or a queen size room" The english woman offered with her thick accent.

    "Luis?" Sheridan looked at him for help.

    "Whatever you decided, I'll just sleep on the floor."

    "The suite will be fine, thank you." Sheridan replied as she thought of how hard it was going to be to keep her hands off Luis.

    "I'm very sorry again miss. Here are your two keys and if you need anything at all don't hesitate to ask."

    "Oh we won't. Thank you" Sheridan and Luis wheeled their luggage toward the elevator and waited for it to come down. As the elevator dinged they hurried into it and Luis hit 8.

    They walked into their room and Sheridan looked at it in amazement. A king sized bed with a beautiful lavender lacey bedpsread and matching curtains. A mini bar and fridge. A small table set for two in the corner. She walked into the bathroom which had an oversized old fashioned tub, a sink and toilet to match. Sheridan stretched and took her hoody off and laid on the bed.

    "I'm dying for a quick nap before we start searching."

    "Me too, this time change is made me exhausted!" Luis pulled out the extra pillow and blanket from the closet and laid it on the floor.

    "Luis, are you being serious now? This bed is huge, we're mature adults, we can share it." Sheridan insisted as she rolled over to one side so he could have the other. Could he trust being so close to her without touch her angel form. The floor was uninviting, hard and uncomfortable, he contemplated his choice and decided to join her. She was right, they were both adults. Luis laid down on the empty side of the bed and covered himself with the blankets.

    "Goodnight Sher. If you wake up first wake me up." He told her.

    "Same with me." Sheridan said and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. "Luis laid there awake and stared at her figure. Her face still tan from the summer sun, her arms soft and tempting. He could her hear the soft breathing as she slept. Sheridan looked beautiful and he wanted more than anything to wash away the past and pain and just start over from the beginning. Luis closed his eyes an drifted back to the time he met her.


    Luis, "You try anything else and Iím using your tires for target practice. {He starts to walk towards the car} Well, I hope you had a good time, buster, because you're about to say good-bye to life as you know it. There's no way your sorry behind isn't doing jail time after those moves."

    Sheridan, "My name isn't Buster, my behind is anything but sorry, and you can't arrest me."

    Luis, "You've broken at least 10 laws in the last minutes. Give me one good reason I shouldn't arrest you."

    Sheridan, "Because my last name is Crane."

    *End Flashback*

    The good old days, he thought. He missed the heated arguments they used to have, but he'd never tell her that. The way she got fired up, her eyes lit up with fury and the way she swayed her hips as she left the room angry would turn him on so much. And damn could that woman tango.


    Luis, "{Bumping into someone and turning around} Excuse me. Would you like to -- {He sees who it is}"

    Sheridan, "Would I like to what?"

    Luis, "Forget it. I can't imagine you trying to do the Tango.

    Sheridan, "It just so happens that I love to Tango. Not that I would Tango with you, though, anyhow."

    Luis, "Oh, don't worry. I'm not asking. Besides, to really know how to Tango, you have to have Latin blood in you."

    Sheridan, "What an ego. You really think you're better than everyone else, don't you?"

    Luis, "This is one thing I know I can do better than you. [Tango plays]"

    Sheridan, "Prove it."

    *End Flashback*

    He loved reminiscing, it brought back such good memories that he hadn't thought about in a long time. Sheridan and himself had great times these last eight years. Through all the fights and even the lovemaking, there had always been sparks from the beginning and still after all these years, there still was. Luis had met his eternal match and she had challenged him in more ways then he could have ever imagined. As he now realized it, he missed her so much that it killed him inside. Luis tried to cheat himself, and her, by keeping himself away from her. He loved her, totally and completely. After all the lies and betrayl through the years their love was still burning. They were destined to be, no matter what they had thought, or what plans fate had for them, from now he would fight till the end to see they made it through this time. She was the air he breathed and he loved everything about her. Her sapphire eyes they sparkled whenever she smiled, her cute little nose and her gorgeous smile that lit up a whole room. Her arms, where so many times he caressed after making love with her. The luscious curves she had and long legs that could bring a priest to his knees. And when they tangoed he couldn't wait to feel her legs wrapped around him. It made him hot just thinking about it. The time that she had walked in on him in the shower came to his mind and grinned.

    *Flashback*Sheridan, "Where would a tyrannical slave driver like him keep sugar?"

    Sheridan, "Luis! I --

    Luis, "Sheridan. Is there something you want?"

    Sheridan, "I -- excuse me. I didn't know that this was the men's locker room."

    Luis, "Now you know. "{She walks out}

    Sheridan, "I feel like such a fool."

    *Moments later*

    Sheridan, "Do you think I was deliberately trying to sneak a peek at you?"

    Luis, "Hey, its been known to happen."

    *End Flashback*

    Sheridan had turned his world upside down and he wouldn't have changed that for anything. Luis had decided he couldn't sleep and got up from the bed and went to shower. When he exited the bathroom fully dressed Sheridan was lying in the bed awake.

    "Hey, you couldn't sleep?" Sheridan asked as he placed his dirty clothes in a bag.

    "No, too many things running through my mind right now." He answered her and went to sit at the edge of the bed.

    "About what?" She asked and sat up against the headboard.

    "Everything Sher. Fancy & I, Marty, us, your father."

    "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked.

    "I Miss you Sher. I miss us. I miss who we used to be." Luis admitted and reached for her hand.

    "What changed? Yesterday you had wanted nothing more from me than to help find our son." Now he had her attention. Maybe the still had a chance.

    "Just laying here beside you made me think about things that I haven't thought about in forever."

    "Like what?" She looked at him shocked as he reached for her hand and gripped it.

    "Like the first time we met, the first time we tangoed and that time when you were supposedly looking for sugar and you walked in on me when I was in the shower." He chuckled and watched as she blushed.

    "That was an accident you know." Sheridan told him in a serious tone.

    "Yeah and you think after almost eight years I still believe that?" He smiled and he felt his heart being overwhelmed with content.

    "Maybe," She teased and felt so happy at that moment, "So do you think there's hope for us?"

    "In my heart I do believe there is. But right now I want to get started on finding our little boy." She jumped in his arms and placed a kiss on his cheek.

    "I'm going to take a quick shower alright."

    "Ok, I'll be waiting. I'm going to gather the stuff we need."

    When Sheridan returned fully dressed their stuff was all ready and they decided to head out. They started at London's West End first.

    "Excuse me sir?" Sheridan called to the gentleman as he passed by.

    "Yes, may I help you?"

    "Have you seen this woman and this little boy?" Sheridan asked holding up a picture of Beth and Marty.

    "No I haven't. I'm sorry mam." Luis and Sheridan questioned just about everyone they could as they walked the streets. Sheridan had tears in her eyes as she questioned many different people with desperation.

    "Oh Luis," She cried as her emotions got the best of her, "All I want is my son back! It's not fair, it's just not fair!"

    "I know sweetheart, I know. We will find him, no matter how long it takes. Our son will come home with us." Luis pulled her against him as she cried.

    "This is so frustrating! I hate my father, I hate him so much!" Luis wiped her tears and lifted her face.

    "It's my fault too. Marty is not here with us because I never believed you. I'm so sorry angel." His heart tightened is his chest as they held each other.

    "As much as I blamed you, you're not responsible, Luis. It's not your fault and I'm the one who's sorry for making you feel that way and hurting you like that." Tears surfaced his eyes as she apologized and he felt the guilt wash away. Luis held her face in his hands and kissed her softly.

    "We're going to find him, I promise. This time I am going to keep my promise, no matter what I need to do!"

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    Re: Destind to Be...Shuis :)

    Here's another chapter to this fic. I've been going crazy with writing chapters, my thoughts just keep growing Enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    A chill ran up her spine as her eyes met the other woman's. Damn her, Sheridan thought bitterly as she stared at her intensely with anger.

    "It's ok baby, "Luis whispered to her as he patted the top of her hand.

    "I hope she burns in hell along with our father." Sheridan softly said as Beth and Alistar sat in front of the judge and jury. The sight before made her sick making her want to run out the door and lose her lunch. After a weeks worth of court, hearing hundreds of testimonies from witnesses, the judge was ready to sentence her so called father and so called sister.

    "Mr. Crane and Ms. Wallace, please stand." The judge ordered them watching as the stood , hands handcuffed with solemn looks on their faces.

    "Mr. Crane after a severe amount of witnesses coming forward to testify against you and reviewing your case, reviewing everything you have done and gotten away with, I have no choice but to give you the dealth penalty." The courtroom was total chaos as they heard judges decision. Sheridan gripped Luis' hand and looked at him with shock and happiness. "Quiet! Order in my courtroom!"

    "Your honor, the dealth penalty for my client is far too extreme. Don’t you think?" Alistar's lawyer argued making Sheridan curse him.

    "Mr. Jameson, your client has caused nothing but pain and sorrow for almost everyone in this town. He has bribed judge after judge, but I refuse to let a guilty man run the streets free. It is time someone makes him pay for his crimes. My decision is final. As for you Ms. Wallace," Beth looked up at the mention of her name, "I'm sentencing you to life in prison, with no parole." Luis couldn't help the joy he felt as the outcome had been in his and Sheridan's favor.


    "Oh my god babe, I'm so happy!" Luis shouted, twiring her around as they left the courthouse.

    "Me too Luis. This is all I ever wanted." She told him as she clung to him.

    "I thought I was all you ever wanted." He said with a teasing voice and a wink of the eye.

    "Yes, but this too. My father deserves to pay for everything he has done." Sheridan climbed into his truck with him.

    "I know angel, I know. How about we go to mama's and tell her the good news. Then we can go out and celebrate?" He suggested.

    "What do you have in mind?" Sheridan asked.

    "Somewhere Marty can go with us. Maybe the lobster shack?"

    "That sounds great." Sheridan laced their fingers together as they drove to Pilar's house. It still felt weird saying it was his house because of the fact, even after three weeks of reconciling, they still weren't living together or hadn't even made love. She didn't want to push anything with him. When he was ready he'd let her know, but when would he? She was going nuts, especially the nights he left her house, both of them wanting more than what he wanted to give. Even after breaking up with Fancy, maybe he had regretted his decision. Or, she was just being insecure as usual. Luis loved her and he was here to stay.

    "Are you ok babe?" He asked as his orbs burnt a whole in her.

    "I'm ok Luis, it's just been an exhausting day. I just want to pick up our son and spend time as a family." She rubbed her temple and let out a small sigh. He threaded his fingers through hers and gave them a reassuring squeeze.

    "You know you can talk to me right? There's nothing you can't ask or tell me."

    "I know Luis, thank you." She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. As Luis pulled into his driveway and shut the engine off, he looked at her with questioning eyes as she didn’t move to get out of the truck.

    "Are you coming in angel?" He asked and she shook he head no.

    "Can you just tell Pilar I said I wasn't feeling well and I'll call her tonight." Sheridan softly asked him. Maybe it was more than just being tired. That's what his gut was telling him. Luis tapped on the door lightly and waited.

    "Hi mijo, how did everything go today?" Pilar asked embracing her son.

    "Alistar's getting the dealth penalty and Beth's going to jail for life." Luis said with a big grin.

    "Oh that is so wonderful. They both deserve to pay." The woman said overjoyed, "Where's Sheridan?"

    "She's in the car mama. She said she's just tired but mama, I believe it's something more."

    "Maybe she's still in shock about what happened in court today or maybe it has something to do with you. You aren't having problems right?" Pilar asked as they took a seat on the sofa.

    "Maybe because of court today because her and I are fine. I just wish she wouldn't shut me out. She said she's going to call you tonight. You've always been like a mother to her, maybe she'll open up to you." Luis said with hopefulness.

    "She's like a daughter to me and if anything is bothering she will tell me."

    "I hope so. Anyways, where's Marty?" Luis asking his eyes scanning the room.

    "He fell asleep about an hour ago. Why doesn't he just spend the night here Luis. You can spend sometime with Sheridan and come home later." Pilar suggested.

    "Are you sure you don't mind taking care of him for the rest of the day?" Luis asked.

    "No I don't mind at all. I just want you to be there for Sheridan right now. Even though we don't know what's wrong with her, she still needs you."

    "Thanks you so much mama." Luis kissed her cheek and left. Sheridan watched as Luis exited the house without Marty.

    "Where's Marty?" She questioned as he opened the door.

    "He's asleep, so mama's going to watch him for the rest of the day and he'll spend the night here with me. Is that ok with you babe?" He asked and watched as she bit her lip.

    "That's fine Luis." Sheridan quickly answered. Luis started the truck and backed out. She just gazed out the window as houses and trees passed her by. Luis kept on turning his head, stealing glances at her and frowned. She looked so sad and distant. "Where are we going?" She asked as he missed the turned to the estate.

    "Somewhere," He answered and she shot him a look. A few minutes later he pulled into the Harmony Beach parking lot.

    "Luis, it's too cold to walk along the beach." He ignored her and went around to her side and opened her door.

    "Come on princess," He leaned in and gathered her in his arms.

    "Luis, put me down!" Sheridan exclaimed and he shook his head as laughter filled his eyes. He ran down the beach with her in his arms. Her sadness washed away as it was replaced with happiness.

    "Now," He started placing her on her feet. She met his eyes and he opened his arms, gathering her in his embrace, "What's wrong angel? Don't tell me nothing because I know you like the back of my hand." Her eyes shifted as she bit her bottom lip nervously. "Angel, please!" He whispered lifting her chin with his index finger.

    "Why don't you want to move in with me and your son. And why don't you want to make love. Don't you love me?" She asked all in a hushed whisper with embarrassment.

    "Is that what's been bothering you babe?" Luis asked with a small smile. Looking up at timidly shaking her head, he kissed her passionately. He pulled away and she stood there breathless, "Now would I kiss you like that if I didn't love you. I haven't been meaning to hurt you Sher."

    "I know Luis, but that is just how I've been feeling. After you leave my house at night and I lie in bed, I wish you were with me holding me close to you. I miss waking up in the morning and just laying in bed cuddling."

    "I know baby, I miss that too." He brushed away the small tears that had formed in her eyes.

    "Do you?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

    "Of course I do and I told you before when I was ready I'd initiate the moving in and the lovemaking. But I am ready now, I just wanted to get Alistar and Beth's trial out of the way. And now it is, I do want us to be together, 24/7. What do you say, beautiful?"

    "That's the best thing I've heard in weeks!!" Sheridan jumped into his arms planting kisses all over his face.

    "You know I love you right?" Luis asked her looking deeply into her sapphire orbs.

    "Yeah I do and I love you too." Sheridan kissed his lips and moaned as Luis' tongued outlined her mouth desperate for entrance. His hands traveled down her back and to her bottom. He cupped her and brought her closer. She could feel his erection against her thigh, she pulled away from him, "Let's go home. I need to make love to you!" She grabbed his hand and dragged him to his truck.


    He pulled her fiercely against him as they rolled around the bed. Sheridan fingers traveled to the bottom of his shirt and she eased it up his chest. They broke apart for a quick second so she could lift it over his head. Her fingertips ran over his perfect masculine physique. Luis unbuttoned the top she wore and gently slid it off her body. He unsnapped the jeans she wore and she lifted her hips so he could tug them down her long legs. She leaned up and reached around to unsnap her bra. Luis took it from her and whipped across the room. His lips left hers and traveled down to stop at her breast.

    "Luis, please!" She begged and moaned his name as his tongue came in contact with her nipple. He gently nipped and swirled his tongue around her bud and she cried out in pleasure as he continued his assault. He looked up and caught her sultry look and he grinned wickedly then began torture on the other breast. "Oh Luis," She moaned as her fingers threaded through his thick, dark hair. Luis slowly crept down her body and reached to remove the red panties she was wearing. She felt his hot breath just at the opening of her center. Luis could smell her desire and it was driving him insane. His large hands caressed her thighs as she anticipated his next move. His tongue drove straight into her tasting her sweetness. "Oh god!! Luis, more...Don't stop!" Sheridan screamed as licked at her inner juices. Luis made her body tremor as his tongue worked her insides. He could feel her starting to come and he quickened the pace. "Luis!!!" She exclaimed in pure ecstacy. Luis watched as her body shook uncontrollaby and waited until it subsided. "You are an amazing man!" She kissed his lips and pushed him onto his back. Her lips trailed down his body and she couldn't help herself as she licked at his nipples and giving them little bites. Her fingers worked to unsnap his jeans and she succeeded. "Lift up" She ordered and he bucked his hips as she slid his jeans down his legs. She caught the sight of his throbbing manhood through his navy cotton boxers. She fingered the waist band and brought them down, tossing them over her shoulder. Her orbs were filled with desire as she inched closer to his desire. Her tongue outlined his head as her fingers slid up and down the base of it. Slowly she began taking his manhood deeper and deeper into her mouth. She licked and sucked with such passion.

    "Oh baby, just like. Oh man, Sheridan!" He couldn’t help but tangle his large fingers into her blonde locks. "Oh baby, I'm not going to last. Stop! Please!" She didn't listen to his requests as she stroked rapidly. She felt him shake above her, she knew he was close to coming. Luis squirted his masculine juice into her mouth as she swallowed her prize. Sheridan's head rose as she met his eyes and climbed on top of him. "You're the best. I love you angel." He smiled and brought her down to capture her lips with his. Sheridan straddled him and guided his manhood into her and began riding him. She interlocked their hands above him as her bosom's dangled in front of him. Luis swiftly grinded into her making their connection much wilder. They gazed into each other's as their souls reconnected after not being together for a long time. Sheridan milked him and quickened the pace as she felt the intense pressure building up inside. Sheridan and Luis screamed out simultaneously as orgasms struck them.

    "Oh Luis, I have really missed that!" Sheridan exclaimed as she collapsed on his chest sated.

    "Me too angel," He kissed her cheek as he brushed the strand of blonde that hung in front of her eyes. She rolled off of him and onto her side. He pulled her tightly against him and pressed a kiss to her temple. He held her hand in his as they laid together in blissful afterglow.

    "I've missed you so much, Luis. With Antonio and Chris it was never the same. I always felt that there was something missing and now I know. Now that I have you back I feel totally complete."

    "I feel the same way. Even when I was with Fancy there was always this piece of my heart that was missing. I love you very much Sher."

    "I love you too. What time is it?" She asked not wanting to free herself form his arms just yet. He looked at the clock.

    "It's 3:28, I say we take a little nap and then go get Marty."

    "Sounds like heaven," She sighed tiredly. "Night babe" She kissed him once more and closed her eyes.



    "Mommy!" Marty called running into his mothers arms and embracing her firmly.

    "Hi baby, I've missed you." Sheridan whispered pressing a kiss to his tiny cheek. "Hello Pilar, how are you?" Sheridan asked, embracing the older woman.

    "Besides the fact my daughter isn't speaking to me, I guess I'm fine." Sheridan looked at her questioningly.

    "Would you like to talk?"

    "It's something that I would not like to discuss mija, thank you anyways." Pilar slightly smiled and patted the top of Sheridan's hand.

    "Well I'm always here for you." Luis emerged from upstairs carrying his son's Go Diego Go! backpack.

    "Why the glum faces?" Luis asked, his arms coming around his mother.

    "Nothing to worry about mijo," Tryin to fake a small smile, Luis knew other wise. He knew something important was up with his mother and he intended to find out.

    "Alright, well Sheridan and I are here if you need us." He placed a kissed onto his mother's tanned cheek.

    "I know Luis," She rubbed his back lovingly as a chuckled escaped her lips when her grandson spoke.

    "Mommy, I need to pee!" Marty exclaimed and Sheridan had to bite her lip at the child's seriousness. Quickly, she placed him on his feet and watched as he scurried to the bathroom.

    "There's my son for ya." Luis couldn't help the grin that played on his face.

    "He's too much like you," His mother teased with a roll of the eyes and Sheridan agreed. Marty back inside the living room.

    "Hands washed, sweetheart?" Sheridan asked in a motherly fashion.

    "Yes mommy," His eyes twinkling as he held onto her.

    "Good job son." Luis fingers spread apart as he waited for a high five from his son.

    "Alright my boys, we better get going. Say bye to abuela."

    "Bye abuela, I'll see you tomorrow." Marty kissed and hugged her neck tightly, "Love you." He said getting back on his feet.

    "Oh I love you too. And I'll definitely see you tomorrow." Pilar walked them to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow. I love all of you."

    "We love you too Pilar." Sheridan said hugging her.

    "Love you mama." Luis said kissing her cheek.

    They stepped out and walked down the path to their car. Pilar waved goodbye and shut the door, leaning up against it.

    "Oh mijo, if you and your siblings ever found out my secret you all would hate me forever." Pilar whispered with a sigh.


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