Yes, ABC announced that both AMC & OLTL will be cancelled! Many fans are blaming Brian Frons! But he didn't kill ABC Daytime; those crazy, stupid, silly and weird characters that ABC Daytime created in the 80s destroyed the ABC soaps. Many fans knew that the 80s were very different from the 60s and 70s which gave ABC Daytime its best storylines and characters. The fans stopped watching them in the 80s, but many didn't notice because GH, AMC, OLTL were still top heavy with the ratings. Some fans refused to identify with many of the soaps which they used to love. The stories GH and OLTL went off key with the stupid science fiction storylines; GH did too much James Bond storylines. The fans got fed up!!! There were no great love stories like the soaps did in the 60s and 70s. I don't watch AMC, but I heard the rumors for years about Susan Lucci: She used her clout to mess with AMC's storylines which she should NOT have done! Because of those crazy stories, we lost Edge of Night, Ryan Hope, and Loving, and Port Charles. Loving was always a weak soap, but bringing crazy stories to the show didn't help it. Edge of Night was a good soap until it went science fiction. Port Charles should never have been created; it hurt GH greatly: GH couldn't afford to lose Kevin and Lucy, a popular couple. Note, GH started to go more mob around the time of Port Charles.

Moreover, GH was dead when the show did the 2nd Luke and Laura on The Run storyline. It went science fiction, and I said then, "What in the hell did Gloria Monty do to GH?" GH was known to be the realistic soap unlike many of the other soaps. I knew that I wouldn't see the GH I loved as child again! But, I held up hope that it would return. The 90s under Wendy Riche seemed like the stories were OK, but Wendy only gave the audience about 3 months of great stories; the rest of the year, GH was very boring!!!

I am not going to hold my tongue about some of the GH actors/actresses: Some GH actors used their clout to have the rivals on GH fired from the show. Nevertheless, those actors were still VERY IMPORTANT TO THE SHOW!!! The GH actors know who they are who did that!!!

About Anthony Geary and Genie Francis' comings and goings did hurt the show!!! The ratings fell greatly! It took GH some time to find a great story for Luke and Laura, and it was The Return of the Cassadines in 1996. The story, The Twiste of Fate, ruined that storyline. Genie and Anthony decided to take a 6 week vacation in the middle of a hot storyline! Huh?! The ratings were surging, and fans loved that Spencer/Cassadine feud; the soap critics praised GH. What would mess up the show? That damn vacation did! Then Genie Francis found out she was pregnant, and I knew that was it for GH! She took almost 2 years off for her maternity leave without any explanation; she made strange comments to the press that she may not come back to GH! Meanwhile GH seemed to panic, and force paired Stefan with Katherine Bell because Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans were a supercouple on Days of our Lives, GH thought they would be one on GH! Wrong! GH lost over a million fans during that time, and GH never got those fans back!!! Because of the pairing, we lost the Bobbie character; she never recovered from being removed from her marriage with Stefan!

It took the ABC Daytime almost 2 years to force Genie Francis to come back to GH. But it really was too late for the storyline. Genie came back all out shape and fat! Don't anyone say those things were NOT true!!! Those things hurt GH's ratings and stories! That is why I will NEVER FORGIVE Genie Francis, Anthony Geary, and other GH actors what they did to the show!!! I don't want Genie's as back on GH! Let Y&R have her as!

Finally, I feel sorry for OLTL only; those actors didn't deserve what they got! GH better watch out because it is probably next! Now, they know what it feel like to live in fear in losing their jobs like the auto workers! The country didn't appreciate them making US a superpower and helping the Allies win World War II! Hopefully, those actors saved their monies. If they didn't, they are in big trouble: the young actors may get another job, but the older ones would probably be harder for them.


PS: To the GH actors, please stop bashing the other actors who are on the show, or who are coming to the show! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT: YOU HAVE NO CLOUT ANYMORElll