Luis and Agent Freeman are driving back to Washington while Luis looks over Sheridan's file. There is a picture of Sheridan from Paris clipped at the top of the folder. Luis laughs and comments that the FBI has had their eye on Sheridan much longer than he realized. Freeman says about as long as Luis has from what he has seen. Luis smiles and as “Imagine” plays, he thinks back to so many wonderful moments that he has spent with Sheridan.

When the flashback ends, Freeman asks Luis if he had known that the FBI had Sheridan under survalliance for as long as they did, would that have prevented him from protecting her himself. Luis says nope. He wouldn't give up one moment that he ever spent with Sheridan.

Back at the cottage, Hank has his gun out and pointed at Sheridan's back. She is selecting a movie for them to watch. She has decided on a Grace Kelly (someone whom I think that McKenzie looks and a lot like) movie. She turns with the DVD in hand towards Hank and sees the gun. Sheridan tells Hank to put that thing away. Hank tells Sheridan that he is sorry but he can't do that. She asks why. Sheridan screams “NO” but Hank fires several times into her chest. Sheridan looks shocked and grabs her chest. We see blood on her shirt and her hands as she falls to the floor. Hank lowers his gun and cries.

To be continued...

I know this summary is short but I thought that I would just go along with the video clip that I found on YouTube and continue the story tomorrow. Thanks to Frogger for the Shuis clip.
Thanks to Passions Central for some of the Shuis screen caps.