are of Shuis at the mine shaft, of course. LOL!

Luis and Sheridan talk as they drive up to the original Harmony settlement and the abandoned mine area. Sheridan tells Luis that the Cranes own all of that that property. They turn on the radio and hear “Imagine” playing. Sheridan says that she could listen to that song forever. She leans over and gives Luis a kiss on the cheek.

He says that he is going to kill Miguel when he finds him alive because he ruined the most important night of Luis’ life. LOL! Then Luis tells Sheridan that after the find the teens, they (Shuis) will go away for a few days to get away from all of this and be together. **sigh**

Shuis arrive at the mine. Hank arrives, too, followed by Pierre of the French drug cartel. Hank looks quite upset to see Shuis hugging.

While Luis talks to Sam, Sheridan tells Hank that she and Luis have decided to start over. Pierre tells Hank that he won’t have to shoot Sheridan, he can just push her into the mineshaft and say it was an accident.

Sam calls Julian to come to the mines to bring the plans so that they can find the missing teens and Tabby. When Julian and Ivy arrive, Sam prevents Luis from attacking Julian for leaving the mines uncovered so that people can fall into them. When Sheridan blasts Julian for putting Miguel and the others in danger, Julian wonders if Sheridan has fallen for Luis again. Pierre insists that Hank hurry and push Sheridan. Hank almost succeeds in pushing Sheridan into the mineshaft, but Luis stops him in time.

Chad falls into the mine trying to stop a boulder from hitting TC. Sam and Luis work to save Chad. When Luis goes to find rope, Hank again tries to push Sheridan into the mine shaft “accidentally”, but suddenly Luis is back and yells for Hank to stop backing up that he is about to bump into Sheridan. Sheridan quickly turns around and says that she didn’t even see Hank there behind her. Hank goes off to check on Chad which gives Luis the opportunity to kiss Sheridan.

When Luis leaves Sheridan’s side to take the rope to Sam, Eve asks Sheridan if things have changed for her and Luis. Sheridan tells Eve that their relationship has changed and she thanks Eve for helping them.

Luis and Sam once again attempt to pull Chad up from the mine shaft. Everyone, including Hank, works together to pull Chad and Sam out of the mine. Grace and Pilar ask Sheridan to get clean water because they don’t want to leave the site in case there is any news on their children. Sheridan agrees that she should go. Grace gives her some containers for the water and tells her that she can use the spring at the ruins of the original settlement. Hank follows to do what Pierre asks of him. Sheridan bumps her head on a tree as she looks for the spring. The “good” spirits appear to Sheridan and warn her to beware because “they” want to kill her. They tell her to run and seek safety.

Sheridan recognizes the ancestors of Grace, Sam, and Charity. The spirits tell Sheridan that now that she has found Luis, “they” will kill her. Sheridan faints.

When Sheridan comes to, she sees Hank and asks if he is trying to kill her. He looks at her very oddly and she becomes afraid. Sheridan then thinks that she must have mixed up what the spirits told her because now that she has found Luis, Hank must be the one who is hurting. Still talking to Sheridan, Hank grabs her and hides behind a tree when he sees Luis looking for Sheridan. Hank says he is afraid for Sheridan but she says that she is just fine. Hank picks up the gun that Pierre gave him and aims it at Sheridan, just as she notices the fireball in the sky for the first time. Sheridan screams for Hank who wonders why Sheridan is getting so red. Hank notices the fireball and runs to Sheridan to tell her that the thing will kill them all if it lands anywhere near them. Sheridan tells Hank that if she has to die, she wants to die with Luis. Luis, who has been searching all over for Sheridan, finds her. They run back toward the mineshaft. Sheridan wishes the spirits would appear and help them. Luis believes that she has lost it but Sheridan tells him that they gave her a warning. She now believes that their warning was about the fireball. Luis doesn’t believe that this is the end for them. As they are hugging, Hank fumes.

Sheridan tells Luis that the spirits told her that she was going to die. Luis promises Sheridan that he will never let anything happen to her.

As Pilar witness all this comforting of Sheridan by Luis, she suddenly gasps, "Dios mio!" as she sees Luis kissing Sheridan. LOL!

Luis tells Reese to shut up when Reese begins to calculate out loud how long it will take for the fireball to hit them. LOL!

The group believes that their only way to escape being killed by the fireball is to descend into the mine for protection. As the first ones get ready to go into the mine, the earth shakes and the tunnel collapses. They believe they are all going to die now. Suddenly, due to the forces of good winning over evil down in the mine, the fireball disintegrates and the rocks blocking the tunnel shoot out of the hole. Everyone in the mine is saved and they all rejoice.

Thanks to Passions Central for several of the Shuis screen caps.