with the storyline when Sheridan was hypnotized to try to solve the mystery of her nightmares of "that night" and the disappearance of Martin Fitzgerald.

As Luis leaves Sheridan's bedroom, Eve warns him that he may hear Sheridan cry out but he is not to disturb them. Eve returns to Sheridan's side, snaps her fingers, and Sheridan's eyes open even though she remains in a deep sleep. Eve takes Sheridan back to "that night" and Sheridan tells Eve what she can remember when she suddenly cries out that she has blood all over her hands.

Eve tries to calm her , bringing Sheridan a glass of water but before Eve can ask her next question, Sheridan cries out, "I did it!" Eve asks her what she did but Sheridan says that she can't tell anyone because no one will love her. Sheridan continues to cry and say that she is wicked and that it is all her fault. Sheridan cries in Eve's arms.

Luis is so upset and worried about Sheridan that he bangs on the door and tells Eve to stop. He doesn't want her to make Sheridan do this any more. Suddenly, Sheridan screams, "I killed him." Eve tries to bring Sheridan out of her trance before Luis can barge in and hear what Sheridan is confessing. Luis is so concerned for Sheridan that he eventually breaks into the room to try to comfort her. Eve is relieved that Luis could not make out what Sheridan was saying, only that she was agitated and in pain from her cries. Luis wants to know what Sheridan said but Eve is not finished with her session and is not ready to tell Luis just yet.

Eve calms Luis and steers him out of the room so she can finish with Sheridan's session. Through a series of questions that Sheridan answers, some still very questionable as to what really happened (we know now that much of this was rewritten several times to accommodate a different plot line), Eve concludes that Sheridan might have actually killed Martin Fitzgerald. Eve asks Sheridan how she knows that she killed anyone. Sheridan says that she doesn't know how she knows this but she just knows that she killed someone.
Eve got to the living room to see Luis who has been arguing with Hank about wanting to give it another go at having a relationship with Sheridan. Eve tells them that she wants to talk to them about what Sheridan has told her. They all sit and prepare for the reveal...

To be continued...

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