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Thread: Good news for President Bush in the form of "Mutts & Moms"

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    Good news this week for President George W. Bush. He is no longer the dumbest person in the world. A woman named Vanessa Chekroun has grabbed that title by publicly abducting a cute little dog from a 12 year old girl -- after the dog had been given to the girl by most-loved star Ellen Degeneres.

    Chekroun cements her "dumbest person" position by refusing to budge on the matter.

    A couple of phone calls would have made her a hero, but now the world knows: Vanessa is dumber than George.

    For awhile it looked like her organization, "Mutts and Moms", would also wrestle down the "Most Value-Free Organization" title but that, for now, stays with the Department of Homeland Security.

    Keep working on it, Mutts and Moms. You may make it yet!

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    Post Re: Good news for President Bush in the form of "Mutts & Moms"

    Think I read that Portia had signed the adoption contract from this organization which also said that the agreed signer would not give away the pet to someone else. Pets were to come back to the pet agency if things did not work out.

    Ellen, it seems did not understand this and perhaps Portia didn't fully read the contract either, but I am sure Iggy was not given away with thought of any harm to the dog and was done with all good intentions...BUT>>>>

    many of these private adoption pet agencies have these clauses in their adoption contracts because SOME do adopt dogs, cats, etc., for a fee but then resell them to research labs. The pet agencies just want to find good homes for them and part of that is within the agreement contract that the homes fall into certain categories (like small dogs might be in physical jeopardy if placed in homes with very small children and that's not always the best thing for the animal). They just want to evaluate the family situation before placing a new pet.

    A deal is a deal. What should have happened is that Portia and Ellen should have read the adoption contract and when it was not working out with the kitty cats... go BACK to Moms and Mutts and advocate for the new home they knew of and had the woman who works for Ellen (12 year old's mom) agree to the terms and contract that the agency required.

    I love Ellen and know she meant no harm, but neither did Vanessa who's pet adoption service reguired some rules and guidelines to help insure ALL potential adoptee pet families meet a certain criteria set forth by her and her staff.

    Side note: Spay and neuter all your pets. If that does not happen before kitties or puppies are born be aware that if you advertise FREE pets that those who watch the papers looking for such may not always be looking for a new household companion. Laboratories pay good money in areas where they have no agreement with local animal "shelters".


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