I am undecided on this movie. In all the stuff I read about it, it seemed that the audience was supposed to sympathize with Michelle Williams' character for holding things together in spite of her immature husband (Ryan Gosling). But the movie didn't earn that for me. In fact, I thought he looked way more sympathetic because he is actually trying to save the relationship she has long since checked out of. Yes, they say a couple times that he drinks too much and he flips out in one scene, but given the circumstances, it is hard to blame him. The movie didn't show enough to earn me being on "her" side, if that's what they expected.

Overall, it is tough to watch, but it is an unflinching look at the progression of a relationship from building to dying and Williams and Gosling both do a great job. I was more affected by his performance, though, and wish he had made the cut for an Oscar nod. Overall, I'd give the performances an "A" and the film a "B."