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    Note: This story begins after the episode where Sheridan informed Luis that Marty was alive and he refused to believe her and left to go to Fancy.

    Long Road Home


    Sheridan laid her head back against the cushioned airplane seat. Her eyes drooped, but she forced them open. Now was not the time to let exhaustion take over. Her son was alive. Alive! After all this time, Marty was alive. She thought of the images she had seen on the monitor. Marty, playing with trains. God, he looked so big! How he had grown. He looked so much like Luis…

    Yes, Luis, she thought bitterly. Marty’s father. Marty’s father who had refused to believe her for the second time. When he had walked out on her to go to Fancy, Sheridan had seen with perfect clarity what she needed to do. Luis wouldn’t help her, but by God, she was Marty’s mother, and she was going to find her son.

    Chapter One

    “Mommy…Mommy, help me!” Sheridan watched her son, but was unable to go to him, paralyzed.

    “Oh God, Marty, I’m here, Mommy’s here!”

    “Please, Mommy…Don’t let them hurt me anymore…Mommy, help me….”

    The jolt of the Crane jet landing brought Sheridan out of her nightmare. Cold sweat beaded on her forehead. “ baby,” she whispered.

    As the last remnants of the dream faded, Sheridan remembered where she was. Without Luis to help her, she had decided to look for Marty on her own, and with no clue as to his whereabouts, had decided to start where he had last been seen: Rome. She unbuckled her seat belt and took a deep breath. It was time to find her son.

    * * * *
    Luis ran to Fancy’s side. He picked up her unconscious body and laid her gently on the bed. What was happening? Fortunately, the blood had stopped pouring from her nose and her eyes were starting to flutter. He rushed to get a wet cloth for her head. As he returned to the room, she was sitting up, looking bewildered.

    “Fancy, lay down,” Luis ordered.

    “What? No, I’m fine, Luis. It was just a nosebleed.”

    He gave her a stern look. “I really think we should get you to a hospital, Fancy. You shouldn’t have passed out like that.”

    Fancy waved him off. “Look, I feel fine now. Just bring me a glass of water, and I promise I’ll lay here.”

    He looked unconvinced, but poured her a glass of water. He sat on the side of the bed, looking at Fancy with concern. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take you to the hospital?”

    She nodded. “Really, I’m ok. I promise.” She hesitated for a moment. “Actually, I am a little hungry. Would you mind grabbing me something from the kitchen?”

    “Sure. I’ll be right back.”

    As Luis walked down the hall, he heard voices. He stopped and listened. It sounded like a man, and as far as he knew, the only ones in the house were Fancy, Pretty and him. Suddenly, it clicked.

    “Alistair,” he said.

    He stepped closer to the wall and pressed his ear up against it. He couldn’t make out what was being said, but it was definitely a man, and he would bet his life that it was Alistair. But damn, where was he? There weren’t any rooms right here.

    Then it hit him. The secret passageways. But how to get to them? Last time had required chopping through a wall. There had to be some kind of door. Luis stood back for a moment, thinking. He looked down, then up. The wall sconces caught his eye, but he shook his head. No way. Would anyone really be that cliché? Sighing, he admitted to himself that stranger things had happened, especially in Harmony.

    He reached up and tugged on one. Nothing. The next one yielded no results either. Finally, on the third try, there was a popping sound and the wall slid open a couple inches. Rolling his eyes at the absurdity, Luis nevertheless hooked his hand on the edge of the wall and pushed it open far enough for him to slip through.

    Alistair’s voice sounded louder now. Luis followed it, turning corner after corner, until finally, his persistence was rewarded. There stood the tyrannical patriarch himself, surrounded by monitors and apparently talking to himself. Luis hid himself behind a wall and listened.

    “No member of my family will ever end up with a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Its bad enough Sheridan had Luis’ brat; now Fancy seems to be taken in by the man as well.”

    None of this was new information to Luis, but one of the monitors around Alistair caught his eye. A dark haired child sat playing with trains. Luis’ eyes widened. The boy looked just like…no, it couldn’t be. His brow furrowed. Or could it? Could Sheridan have been telling the truth? Was that child on the screen really Marty?

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    Re: Long Road Home (Shuis Fanfic)

    Wow! Megan, this is really good. I love that Sheridan went on her own to find Marty when Luis didn't believe her. Now that Luis has seen Marty on Al's monitor, he will believe Sheridan. I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope you will not keep us in suspense too long!

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    Re: Long Road Home (Shuis Fanfic)

    Long Road Home

    Chapter Two

    Luis edged forward, squinting, trying to get a better view of the monitor with the dark-haired child on it. Suddenly, Alistair shifted, and Luis pressed himself closer to the wall. Alistair glanced around, then turned and walked down another tunnel branching off from the room.

    As soon as he was sure Alistair was gone, Luis moved quickly into the room. He put his face close to the monitor, somehow expecting that the closer he got, the more apparent the truth would become. It seemed like forever since he had last seen his son, but…dear God, the small figure on the screen…it was Marty. He knew it in a heartbeat.

    * * *
    Uncertainty and exhaustion overtook Sheridan at the same moment. She had checked into the hotel and gone up to her room with the intention of dropping off her bags and heading straight out to resume her search for Marty. Alone.

    As the knowledge that she was truly was alone in her search for her son hit her, despair had as well. The urge to throw herself onto the plush bed and weep was almost uncontrollable. But she would not. Her son needed her to be strong now. She couldn’t find him if she was falling to pieces every five minutes.

    With shaky knees, she lowered herself to the side of the bed. Her eyelids drooped, and again she fought the tears she felt forming. She had been awake for so long, and what little sleep she had gotten on the flight to Rome had been plagued by nightmares about Marty. She resigned herself to the fact that nothing could be done tonight. An exhausted mother was no good to Marty.

    Not bothering to undress, she kicked off her shoes and lay down on the bed. She was asleep the minute her head hit the pillow.

    * * *
    Luis ran his fingers through his hair. Marty was alive! His first thought was of joy that his son was alive. His second was of Sheridan. Oh God, she had told him Marty was alive, and he…he hadn’t believed a word she’d said. He’d fought with her and walked out on her.

    Guilt assaulted him. This was the second time he hadn’t believed Sheridan where Marty was concerned. He felt the biggest heel in the world. If she hated him forever, he wouldn’t blame her.

    First he hadn’t trusted Sheridan when she had insisted for months that Marty was her child. Brushed it off as it were nothing. Come to find out, Sheridan had been right all along…but it was too late. And their son had ended up dead…except that he wasn’t. And knowing this, Sheridan had come to Marty’s father, a person she should have been able to trust…and what had he done? Behaved like a damn idiot, that’s what.

    Luis rested his forehead against the wall, calling himself every name in the book. Then he straightened. There was only one thing to do. He had to call Sheridan, apologize, and go with her to search for their son.

    He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Sheridan’s number. Even if he hadn’t had it saved in his phone, he would have known it by heart.

    The phone rang several times before Sheridan picked up.

    “Hello?” she said, her voice thick with sleep. An image flashed through his mind of waking up next to her, holding her in his arms, hearing her greet him with that same thick tone.

    Where the hell did that come from? he wondered. He shook his head and answered Sheridan.

    “Sheridan…its Luis.”

    He heard her sigh heavily. “What do you want, Luis?”

    “Sheridan, I saw him. I saw the video of Marty. I know you were telling the truth about him being alive.” He waited anxiously, expecting a verbal backlash. Instead he heard her sigh again and shift.

    “I don’t care.”

    That was the last thing he thought would come out of her mouth. “What?”

    “You heard me, Luis. I don’t care. You didn’t trust me enough to believe me when I told you Marty was alive. So just…go away.”

    “Sheridan, I want to help you. I want to find our son,” he said. “Please.”

    She sat up against the headboard, pulling her knees to her chest. It was killing her inside to say these things to Luis, but how could she trust him?

    “I don’t need your help. I mean it, just leave me alone and let me find my son.”

    “Look, Sheridan, I’m at the mansion right now. Are you at your cottage?”

    She hesitated. “No.”

    “Well where are you? I’ll meet you wherever you want. Let’s talk about this, please.”

    Another heavy sigh escaped her lips and tears threatened once again. Sheridan swallowed the lump in her throat. “Dammit Luis, I left. I’m not in Harmony. I went to find Marty on my own.”

    That drew Luis up short. “What? Sheridan, where are you? Please, just tell me. Let me help you.”

    A single tear traced a path down her cheek. “No. Just…just go away,” she whispered, then slowly shut her phone and placed it back on the nightstand. Then finally, blessedly, let the tears spill over and the sobs wrack her body.

    * * *
    “Sheridan? Sheridan?” Luis snapped his phone shut in frustration as he realized she had hung up on him. “Dammit,” he whispered.

    He had no idea how he was going to go about it, but he was going to find Sheridan and his son. Their son.

    But where to start? Where would Sheridan have gone first? His gut was nagging at him, that trusty gut instinct where Sheridan was concerned kicking in.

    She probably would have been just as clueless as he was right now. Follow the steps, Luis. Where did you last see Marty?


    It popped into his brain and Luis knew with sudden clarity where Sheridan was. How he knew, he wasn’t sure, but his gut had never failed him when it came to Sheridan.

    He started making his way out of Alistair’s tunnels. He would be on the first flight to Rome he could catch.

    I’m going to find Sheridan and my son, no matter what.

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    Re: Long Road Home (Shuis Fanfic)

    Wow! This is wonderfully written and just what I would have
    loved to have seen Reilly write for Shuis. Well, I am glad that you are doing it. LOL!

    I love how you have that "connection" and gut instinct that Luis always had where Sheridan is concerned present in this story.

    I can't wait to read more and see just where this takes our Sheridan and Luis.


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