As if there's not enough to obsess over regarding Fringe these days, co-creator JJ Abrams must have authorized an agressive anagram/clue campaign recently.

It started last Friday morning, January 7th around 9AM EDST with a post that appeared on by Michael Aussiello regarding the creation/existence of a genuine album(yeah vinyl) called 'Seven Suns' by Walter's mythical psychodelic band "Violet Sedan Chair."(See the link below for the article.) These albums not only contain music, but Fringe-related clues. It was reported that several of these albums had been placed in independent record outlets around the country in the last few weeks(Can you say 'viral marketing'?).

I like a challenge and within 5 hours I phoned the larger rare record dealers from Maine to Florida with only 1 hit.
Someone bought one of these from the main Newbury Comics store in Boston a few weeks ago, and the store only had 1 copy. For some reason the man working there couldn't tell me the name of the distributor. Boo!

So, my fellow Fringe fans, if you have time to spare you may want to cruise the country in search of these elusive albums, which someone on FRINGE BLOGGERS compared to looking for that golden candy wrapper from Willy Wonka(the odds might be similar.)

"Exclusive:Fringe Spoilers, But There's A Twist...":