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Thread: Tucson shootings: So Sad

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    Post Tucson shootings: So Sad

    My heart is breaking for all the victims of the shooting in Tucson, but especially for the little 9 year old girl. I was crying as they interviewed her parents...they sent her off with a neighbor to meet her Congresswoman at a local Safeway store...who knew that would a dangerous activity?!
    She was born on 9-11, so her parents said her life was bookended by hearbreaking.
    And the Federal judge, had just been to Mass, was just stopping by to say "Hi" to his friend, Cong.Gabby Giffords.
    And Congr. Giffords...clinging to life...everyone describing her as charming, sweet, hard working and dedicated, a non-controversial person, the last person anybody would want to hurt. Goodness, what did this sick person think he would accomplish by killing a dedicated and sweet Congressperson and by killing a child?! And how did this kid, who was so obviously mentally ill(had been kicked out of college and told to seek mental health help) manage to get ahold of a gun?! The whole situation is just so Awful and now will make our Congressmen&Women more cautious about meeting their constituents whom they are supposed to represent. Hopefully, tho, some good will come out of this and the vitriolic atmosphere in DC will calm down and people can discuss issues in a more civilized and polite manner.

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    Re: Tucson shootings: So Sad

    It is very sad and I feel so bad for all involved. The story on the little girl was heartbreaking.

    What angers me about all of this is the fact that these mental cases, social outcasts etc., are shooting people as their solution to their problems. There have been so many of these types of shootings lately and it seems to me a "copy cat" act as a means of coping with their problems. What on earth does killing innocent people do to solve any problem? Most of these cowards end up taking their own lives and I was actually surprised that this one didn't follow suit.

    Still, my heart and prayers go out to all the victims and their families involved. Such a senseless act.


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