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    Hi my name is Lacy. I am a junior at Penn State University in PA. I just recently joined this chat room because I had to for my current class. I have to have a discussion that I have to have at least 10 comments back and fourth. So if there is anything that you would like to know about me just ask me.

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    Hi Lacy. I'm in the same class as you. Hope you have good luck getting some replies. Hope this helps.


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    Hello there...You guys might want to go into other rooms might help!

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    Hi guys! Welcome to the coffeerooms. Please let us know if you need any help at all. I hope your project goes well!
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    Thank you for helping me out. I have tried other rooms but I'm not having such luck.

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    Happy to help you out Lacy. My name is Rhonda and I'm a nurse in Australia. I studied for my master of Arts at Wright State in Ohio and had a trip to Pennyslvania. What do you plan to study and specialise in and why does it interest you? I'm not sure of the undergraduate system but I guess you are participating in a broad education program at the moment. What does that include and how does this project work?

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    Well my major at Penn State is Organizational Leadership, which pretty much means a general degree. When I graduate I will be able to do pretty much anything that doesn't require a special degree. I choose this major because I had previously gone to Lock Haven University majoring in special education/early childhood. After 4 years of that I decided that's not what I wanted to do, so I took a year off and decided to come back and get my b.s. in organizational leadership. I was going to do an associates in a different major but I already had all those classes why not go for a b.s.


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