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    I've been trying to think of a polite way to describe this movie, but the truth is that it can only be described as crazy! I really hope there weren't some grannies out there thinking they'd go watch the "pretty ballet movie with that nice Natalie Portman."

    The movie is crazy. It is basically a story of the descent into madness of a fragile ballerina, and you spend most of the film trying to figure out what is real and what is not. Natalie Portman gives a great performance as someone on the edge - I think she will be the one to beat come Academy Award time if the voters can get over how bizarre the film is as a whole. I also think Mila Kunis will rack up a nod for Supporting Actress. The film will probably be one of the 10 nominated for Best Pic and Darren Aronofsky will likely get a Best Director nod.

    All that being said ... did I like the movie? Hmm ... I am still deciding. This movie was pure camp and I think it may become one of those cult classic films. After one viewing, I'd lean toward "like" but I really want to watch it again ... but not for quite a while! So, I guess I'd recommend it if you are a film lover and want to be prepared for awards season ... otherwise, I'd say it really is not a film most people will like. I can't even grade this one quite yet!!!

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    I will watch it again for sure! (on cable). Had I known ahead of time that it was as crazy as it was I wouldn't have been so shocked. I think the performance of the black swan was magnificent. That was the highlight of the film. My friend went the other night and said she saw about seven people leave during the girl/girl love scene. As a former ballet dancer I could appreciate the beautiful dancing segments and the work that went into that movie. But it was flipping crazy! LOL!


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