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    Chapter 1

    As the sky casts a dark shadow over the coastal town, a lighthouse beacon flickers several times and finally the shore is illuminated. A man stands in the tower of the old lighthouse and scans over the small village of Harmony.

    His face is shadowed by the bright light, but his chieseled features are clear, his dark hair and even darker eyes watches as carlights are visible winding up the road. He decends the spiral staircase and goes through a small doorway into a modestly but tasteful cottage attached to the old lighthouse.

    He hears the car engine shut off and a door slam. Beth approaches with a boy by her side. The boys eyes were dark and his hair was touseled. The boy ran into the man's arms and said "I didn't think we would ever get here. Aunt Beth drives really,really slow. Where is my room, Dad? Are all of my games there, what about my Playstation? Is there anything to eat here?"

    Both Beth and Antonio were laughing, and he put a hand on Marty's shoulder and said, "Take a breath, yes everything is here and there are snacks in the fridge and a plate in the microwave, you are a growing boy. Now go ahead and go into the kitchen, it is right through this room, I want to talk to Beth before she leaves."

    Marty ran into the kitchen and Antonio offered Beth a seat in the living room. "Would you like something to drink?"

    "Brandy, if you have it, " as she sat down on the couch and took off her sunglasses and scarf.

    Antonio poured the brandy and brought it over to her and sat it on a table. She took a big gulp and savored the amber liquid in her mouth and finally let it slowly flow down her throat.

    "Beth" he said, and at the same time she said "Antonio, I am sorry". He said "Go ahead Beth, you first."

    She took a deep breath and said "You know I have grown to love little Marty and I want to always be a part of his life, but since everything has changed, well you know, he will be better off with you, here." She took another drink and waited for Antonio to respond. He stood there and looked at her quietly and not moving as much as an eyelash. "This is all as much as a surprise to me as it is to you, how did I know that father knew all along and I was just a servant, just like everyone else in his world. But since Evan came along, I have finally for the first time, felt like I have a man that loves me and my life is good. I feel bad for everything that Al, ah, father has put everyone through. Oh Antonio, I don't understand him anymore than anyone else does, but I know this is better for Marty and for you."

    Antonio cleared his throat and spoke softly, "Beth, I am happy for you and I want to thank you for getting me together with my son and helping me this last year. I didn't even know who I was and living in that rehab was just an existence not a life.
    My memories are coming back more and more everyday. I am now where I was before Dianna, I mean Sheridan and I got married. I appreciate you helping me with my memories. I still don't understand how you ended up with Marty.?"

    Beth sat up in her chair and looked down and spoke. "Well you know Sheridan had an awful time after Marty was born and she was sent to an institution, you know for mental patients and father didn't think that it was good for Marty to have that happen to his mother. You know how cruel people can be?"

    "Well, Beth, I really want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my son. Would you like another brandy?"

    "No, I really have to leave, I am catching a flight tonight and I will go in and give Marty a hug and kiss before I leave."

    Marty was just about finished with his supper when Beth entered the kitchen. Marty looked up and said, "Where's Dad, is he in the living room. Boy this is a neat house, I hope Dad takes me up to the top of the lighthouse, before I go to bed."

    Beth stroked his dark curly hair and her eyes welled with tears, this boy had been part of her life for years, but she knew that this was maybe the only right thing (except for Evan) that she had done in years. She cleared her throat and said, "Marty, I am leaving and I will write to you. I want you to be a good boy, OK?"

    "Oh, sure, Dad and I will take care of each other and thanks Aunt Beth." They hugged and she took one last look and turned and waved to Antonio and closed the door.

    Antonio watched as the little sports car's engine roared and lurched back down the road towards Harmony. He thought that he would spend the evening with his son and then tomorrow would be a whole new day for him to contemplate his next move. His mother Pilar had been on his mind lately, he sensed that all was not right with her. He did not want anyone to know he was in Harmony, so he would have to be careful.

    As he looked out as the waves slapped the shore and the moonlight illuminated the water he felt that he was at peace for the first time in a long time.

    He felt a hand touch his leg and he looked down and it was Marty. "Dad, do want to play my new game, it is "snowboarding", remember last time I beat you three out of three with the car racing."

    Antonio smiled, "Well I have been practicing, so you better be careful."

    Antonio plugged in the new game and father and son sat on the big oversized couch and smiled at each other. Antonio was so filled with joy and hope that he did not notice a car slowly driving by and parking a quarter of a mile down the road.

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    Chapter -2-

    The sun rose over the ocean and it cast a rosey glow over the small house that sat on the beach. This was going to be a busy day, but productive.
    " I can't stay in hiding forever, sometime soon I will have to contact my family, Marty's family... I am just not ready right now and either is Marty. Poor little guy has been to one home to another and never knowing where he belongs. I just have to provide a stable enviornment for him." Antonio got up from the bed and looked out to the shore below. "If only we could stay here forever it would be great, but it is not reality, Marty will need to know his mother and his family."
    His mother, Sheridan...she is NOT the same person that I fell in love with, married and was planning on spending my whole life with her. She has changed into a bitter, spitefull woman that I no longer recognize"

    "Dad, Dad, look outside there are a least a million white birds in the yard!" Marty was almost breathless as he ran into the bedroom.
    "Yes, I saw them earlier and I almost woke you up, but we played those video games way too late last night, so I thought I would let you sleep."

    An elderly woman approached the house and rang the doorbell. She arrived by taxi and was inspecting the mums in the front of the house. Thinking to herself she thought that once again she was needed. She knew that those two guys were probably going to starve to death without her. Oh and what a mess they have made. Oh dear, I will have to get to work right away. At that moment the door swung open and Marty practically dragged her into the house.

    "Oh, Mrs. Mindelson, Dad and I are starving and we are just so glad you are here. Did you bring all of my "Harry Potter" books and videos?"

    "Marty, let Mrs. Mindelson get settled and help her in with her luggage. Thankyou so much for coming, as you can tell we have missed you so much."
    "Oh not to worry I am here, now young man you can help me to my room and so I can get started on a hearty breakfast."

    Marty and Mrs. Mendelson have their own special bond, she was like the Grandma and Nanny all rolled into one very special lady. Antonio admitted to himself that he also felt like she was a family member. She had taken care of Marty from the first day that Beth took him away. She was his rock, his stability, without her, Marty would not be the happy little boy that he is now. When Beth found out that Marty was actually Antonio's son and not Luis's son, she was devastated. All of her lies and manipulations were for nothing. Both Antonio and Marty have a very rare blood type and when Marty had to have his tonsils removed they ran his blood type and determined that Antonio was his biological father. That is when Beth tracked him down so he would be on hand to be a donor. Antonio was in the airplane when it blew up and ended up in a hospital for years before he knew who he was or what had caused his memory loss. Beth was determined to reunite Marty with his biological father, researched every "john doe" after Alistair had revealed that Antonio survived his attempt on his life.

    Antonio did not agree with what Beth had done to Sheridan, but he was happy that his son was now with him. Also the financial help that Beth had given him was very generous.

    Mrs. Mindelson called from the kitchen, "Antonio, you better get in here before the little guy eats his breakfast and yours!"

    As Antonio started to turn he saw a car wind up the road and park a few yards up from the house. He wondered, this house is so isolated that it would not have a lot of traffic. He turned to go to the kitchen and decided that it was now the time to contact his family.

    The tall man got out of the car and took out binoculars and pointed them towards the house with the lighthouse. A plump woman emerged from the car and said, "Harold, why did we have to come back up here again. So the real estate deal fell through, someone out bid us on this, frankly I don't care, I don't think I want to live out here anyway. It is so far from town and it is kind of spooky."

    "Oh, hell Marge, I am just curious because of the way this deal was done, by a foreign corporation, it could be terroists that bought it and they are planning on taking over Harmony."

    "Harold, I am starving and I don't care if Osama - bin whats his name bought it, I want to go back to town, NOW!"

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    Lini, i'm waiting for chapter 3


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