I watched two fake celebrity documentaries this weekend. "I'm Still Here" is the well-publicized Joaquin Phoenix train wreck directed by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck. I know there was some talk after his Letterman appearance and the launch of his "rap career" that this was all for real, but watching the film, the whole thing rings very false. I think that is why he came out and admitted it before the release of the film ... there is no way a reasonable person would watch this movie and think it was legit. Overall, it was annoying and obnoxious. I'd give it a C-.

"Being Michael Madsen," on the other hand, was entertaining. It is a faux-documentary about Madsen turning the tables on a paparazzo who had been "stalking" him and who accused him of murder. This was a much more insightful look at our celebrity-obsessed culture than Joaquin's film. I'd give Madsen a B+ for his effort - well worth a watch.