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    This show gets creepier & even more stressful w/every episode .. but I LOVE it!.
    I'm surprised Dex dumped the bodies where divers could go & come across the bodies. You'd think he would have figuured it out early on to dump them where they'd be carried away ..but then .. we wouldn't have the whole 2nd serial killer thing going on.
    He sure got over on his girlfriend .. letting her think he's an addict .. this is going to be interesting .. pretending to go to the addict meetings ...

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    This show is REALLY good - I was a little surprised that they weren't following book 2 for season 2, I just assumed they would. However, season 2 is looking good so far. The books are awsome, I'm currently about half way through the 3rd one and it does not disappoint! Gotta love a show (or book) that makes you feel for such a character, despite his ways.


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