To me being an American carried a certain prestige, proud, free, a member of an elite group. It's more than a symbol like the flag, the statue of Liberty, fourth of July. It's who I am ...a part of me. It's runs through my blood, it's as natural as breathing.

I can not tell you how pained I am at what Bush and his corrupt administration has done to my beloved country. I look around me and it's almost... Unrecognizable. Talk of torture , secret prisons, wiretapping and spying on American citizens. Who are these people...what are these people? No, they're not my" fellow Americans."

I NEVER thought there would come day where the government of the United States would be debating whether is right or wrong to torture people. Any human being capable of torturing another human being, regardless of the reasons..Is sick and twisted!

You can't call yourself civilized and be in favor of doing something so despicable, so vile, so inhumane that it puts you on the same level as the terrorists.
Bush is endangering the lives of our troops, because he's opening the door for leaders of other countries to ratify the rules.

GWB is one of the most destructive human beings on the planet. He steps on the Constitution, disregards the Bill of Rights, and toys with the Geneva Conventions. Meanwhile, the Democrats are silently standing by watching. What the hell is wrong with these people, Don't they see the urgency here?

I love this country and all she once stood for, but the corruption goes so high I don't think we can ever get back what we once had. I'm talking about our democracy, our prestige, our moral-standing, our pride. Thanks to GWB and his corrupt administration that has all gone away. How did this happen? Who let it happen?