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    Hi all! New to this board. Just had to come in and vent. I've been job searching for 8+ weeks now and have filled out 60+ applications, along with resumes and no luck. My husband of 4 years decided to basically abandon myself and my 8 year old son the day after our 4th anniversary. So here I am with a farm, house payment, etc. and no help from him. So run the other way if you run into him ladies...he's not a gem by any means. He's 37 and living with his mother by the way. Decided he would rather chase strippers, drink and hang out with rock bands....sigh. But I'm still keeping my chin up and pulling on the ol' bootstraps...Thanks for letting me vent!!

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    Wow, that's awful. Although I can't relate, I can only imagine how difficult your situation is. I think it's great you can keep your chin up and move forward. I guess, in the end, when we're in difficult times like this, it's all we can do.

    Glad you found the coffeerooms! Welcome and vent all ya like!
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    It's obvious here who the weaker sex is. The fact that he gave up on your marriage and moved out to live with his mother is weak and pathetic. I'm sorry, but he shouldn't even be considered a man! A man, would stick by his wife and support her. Encourage her to keep trying. A good man and husband would do that. Obviously he's neither one. Sorry for the man bashing...but it angers me that men treat women this way. I can somewhat relate because I've had a guy friend who mistreated me. But that's another story.

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    Sorry you have to go through this, Mrsvic. You sould like a strong woman. You'll get through this somehow. One day you'll be glad you are rid of a man like that.


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