I'll start by saying that I am a female in my early thirties who does NOT have a Facebook page, nor do I have any interest in getting one! But you don't need to know anything about poking or friending or playing Farmville to thoroughly enjoy this film.

It is a story about friendship, ambition and betrayal, with an amazing script by Aaron Sorkin (with his typical lightning-fast "verbal assault" style), thoughtful directing by David Fincher and some amazing performances (bonus for the Trent Reznor soundtrack!)

This movie is a sure bet for a Best Picture nod come Oscar time. I think people may find "Mark Zuckerberg" too off-putting for Jesse Eisenberg to get a nod (I hope not!), but Andrew Garfield (as co-founder Eduardo Saverin) brings heart to the film and could certainly get a Supporting Actor nomination. And Justin Timberlake plays Napster founder (and former Facebook president) Sean Parker with the perfect amount of charisma and sleaze ... I loved him and could see him adding an Oscar nod to his Grammy and Emmy nods/wins.

If I was on Facebook, I'd totally "like" this film. Loved it - I'd give it an A+.