I think, of the final 3, Hayden was the most deserving winner. I also thought it was nice that Britney (who I spent half the season not liking) won the $25000 by America's vote. She deserved it for as well as she played only to come up 4th because of the 'bragade'. Enzo likes to talk about what a great game he played and all, but I didn't see him as being the one that controlled anything. I don't know if it was really their plan to break off into side alliances to control the vote, was it? Or did it just happen that way? They made it sound like that was the plan, but if that was the plan, who was Enzo's side alliance? He didn't have one, which says to me that it wasn't his master plan.

I liked Lane's reaction to finding out about Matt's lie. Ha ha... lie about your dog, not about your wife being sick!