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Thread: Pit of Redemption comments

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    Post Pit of Redemption comments

    In case anyone wants to comment on Pit, you can do it here. Feel free to ask any questions about the story. It was my first fanfic ever, and I began it about a month or so after finding the Coffeerooms Passions board in the spring of '03. I finished it that August. I often wrote a chapter a day that summer, when I was off work.

    I remembered to mention that Charlie isn't really Alistair in my post for the last chapter - this was written well before that reveal. I think that's the biggest thing. I tried to keep the story one step ahead of the show, so you will notice a lot of differences, which are intended. I didn't want it to be too similar. Although there was one thing you will see later on that was quite similar - by pure chance! LOL. Hope you are enjoying the story, either for the first time, or as a look back.

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    Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    Pit of Redemption is now at the halfway point. I hope you are enjoying it. It's from one of Passions' most well known and "out there" storylines, so it is pretty "out there" itself. LOL. But I hope everyone is enjoying the twist on the show's story. I would love for Julian and Sheridan to have scenes like this on the show.

    Stay tuned as the action speeds up in the pit, and it gets a little more crowded down there.

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Talking Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    I look forward to reading the rest of this story! Evian and Shuis are my 2 favorite Passions couples. I can't believe this storyline is from 4 years ago, at a time when we thought it couldn't get any worse.

    Thanks for posting Court!

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    Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    Awww, thank you so much, mr. peepers!! I know...the pit controversy seems mild compared to what's going on now with poor Shuis, not to mention Evian! Hopefully both couples will find their way back to one another!

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Post Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    LOL, I still get kidded from time to time about my little "romance" in the pit here. A friend likes to point out that Sheridan must be a really sound sleeper. I know it's not exactly realistic, and actually, this wasn't even in my original plans. It just sort of wrote itself. There's nothing like being trapped in a pit to spark a little romance, I guess, no matter who's nearby! LOL.

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    Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    OMG!! Im on the edge of my seat...I love this!! But please tell me where you left off when luis found sheridan in the pit - isnt a dream!! lol!! That really left me on the edge!! I cant wait to read more!!

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    Post Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    Hi, Kell!! I am glad you like this fic!! I tried to write it as one would a TV show...with some sort of cliffhanger here and there. It drove some of my original readers nuts, LOL. But I think it helps keeps the interest!!

    Hmmm, Luis' appearence being a dream? Well, you may be onto something there, or maybe not...LOL. I will tell you I got threatened four years ago after this same chapter, regarding the same thing, LOL. You are much nicer, so maybe you will get your wish. LOLOL.

    Tune in tonight for the answer!!

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Re: Pit of Redemption comments

    Hey, guys!!

    I am going on a two-day shopping trip, but I will post the finale of PIT when I return, with a little added ending!!

    Thanks for reading!!



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