I don't think any Cassadine character would be The Balkan such as Valentin or Helena; the Cassdines are upperworld mob family, not an underworld mob family. The GH writers try to keep the Cassadines and the underworld mob away from each other except when GH made a terrible mistake, and put Alexis in the underworld mob stories! Remember once, Sonny told Luke that he and the Cassadines work on different spheres: Luke declared war on Stefan and the rest of the Cassadines, and Luke wanted to make sure Sonny was not related to them or working with them!

It would be interesting to see an underworld Cassadine, but I don't put much faith in the GH writers doing it correctly. Hey, this would bring Luke back into the storyline! He faught the underworld mob, Frank Smith and his mob organization and the upperworld mob, The Cassadines! I think that the Italian lady who was talking with Sonny could be The Balkan, or his wife?! If The Balken is that Italian lady, it would be very interesting to see how Sonny deals with an older and mature underworld mob leader who is a woman? Unlike how he dealt with Faith Rosco who was a young woman. I remember reading in the newspaper that in Europe that there were some underworld mob leaders who were women! I think it said that many of their husbands were killed, and they took over their husbands' organizations; and some became leaders because most of the men in their families were killed.