ABC Soaps in Depth and TV Guide tore Franco storyline apart! Michael Logan gave James Franco a B-, and he said that the story appeared to be "rushed and underprepared." He believes that James Franco shot a lot of scenes quickly because of his movie schedule. He said GH regular actors outacted him. I think maybe there is a reason why young movie actors don't do soap operas? They don't have the time to do them. Soaps can only get the has beens movie actors who have the time. But, Michael Logan gives James Franco points for "energy, gamesmanship and the wicked grin."

Moreover, maybe James Franco should make an official comitment to GH for a few months so that the writers can really write for the Franco character. Franco was out of character when he kidnapped Aiden. GH seemed like it wanted Lucky to have scenes with Aiden, without Nikolas and Elizabeth being there. So why not have one of GH's current supervillain kidnapped the baby. That fell to Franco, even though Franco was built up as not being careless or clueless: He kidnapped the baby, and he gave it to his mother, whom was established as someone that Franco really loved, and he abandoned both of them, and he left clues behind easily so that the police/Lucky could find his mother and the baby. No, I don't think so! Franco is mentally ill, he is not stupid! That was a Lucky story! Didn't GH realize that the kidnapping hurt and weakened the Franco character?

ABC Soaps In Dept called the Franco storyline Francofailia. They want to know what Lulu was ar the art exhibit? Why wasn't the police watching Franco's mother? The police supposedly knew he was a serial killer. They wanted to know why Franco's cameraman seemed to be shocked by Franco's turn to the darkside? We know Franco tried to kill Lulu once, and he threatened to kill her again. Logic says that she wouldn't be anywhere near Franco. GH seemed like it wanted to reward the actress who plays Lulu, by putting her in a storyline with James Franco. How about a pay raise for her instead of putting her in a storyline where she didn't belong in on the show?

Franco is a serial killer? There is not any concrete evidence to support this. There are a lot of gossip and innuendo that Franco is a serial killer by the characters and the police. But, where is the proof? Some big yellow envolopes coming in the mail with pictures of dead people are not proof. The characters said that the envolopes didn't have any return address. So how did they know Franco sent them? It could have been anyone. This could explain why the police is not actively pursuing him for those killings; they don't have any evidence, just suspicions and gossip. This could explain why some characters are afraid of Franco, and some are not.

Where were Franco's seductive charms this second time around on GH? GH is a soap; the male characters either if they are heroes and villains are supposed to be seductive or romantic. Why did GH take Franco's seductive charms away from him this time on the show? It seemed like all the females were afraid of him. Franco need some female cheerleaders like Sonny and Jason have. Franco was mysterious, seductive, and dangerous the first time on the show. He was like the vampire, Count Dracula. GH, when writing for Franco, don't take Franco's seductive charms away from him again!!!

Moreover, I didn't have any problems with James Franco's acting! I thought he was dead on in portraying someone with a mental illness. The problem that I had was that Franco and other characters were out of character! ABC SID says, "...the show cobbled together a series of plot points without taking the time to smooth the path between them." I agree with this.