I was happy to see Stefan again! But, it brought up old hated of Stefan and
Katherine forced pairing when Katherine Bell woke up in Stefan's bed! She was very arrogant and self-centered. I didn't love to hate her; I just hated Katherine Bell! Stefan
got rid of Bobbie which came out of leftfield so that he could be with Katherine
Bell?! That was the worst move GH did in years, for it destroyed the Bobbie
character! Even now, Bobbie has not recovered for that move!!! Bobbie was a
GH's core character that helped the show from getting cancelled in the 1970s.
Bobbie had the history and rivalry over Scotty with Laura from those days, and
she brought in her brother, Luke Spencer, who faught against the Cassadines in
the early 80s.

Mary Beth Evans, Katherine Bell, was a star over at Days of Our Lives with
Stephen Nichols as Patch, but on GH, they were not stars, yet. Stefan was a new
character, and Katherine was still a new character, and she had no history with
the Cassadines! With the marriage of Stefan and Bobbie, it brought all the old
rivalries back from past: Stefan was secretly in love with Laura; Bobbie was a
Spencer, her brother Luke was an archenemy of the Cassadines! It had a making
of a Romeo and Juliet. With Luke finding out the Laura had another son who was
her eldest son, Nikolas, with Stavros Cassadine. These things were great
viewing. For the life of me, why would GH pull Bobbie out of the Cassadine
storyline like that?! This ruined Bobbie and the Cassadine storyline, and this
storyline didn't play out like it should have! Remember GH lost over a million
fans because of that funny move, and Anthony Geary punched out the headwriter at
that time, Richard Culliton! Only thing that I can say that I still hate
Katherine Bell! I am GLAD she is still DEAD!!!