Johnny told Brooke Lynn about his and Sonny's feud, and how it began. Well, it was about Kate Howard's shooting, the first shooting: Michael was trying to buy an illegal gun, and he bought one, and he dropped it. The gun went off and accidentally shot Kate! Michael panicked, and he ran away from home. He thought Sonny would be very angry with him.

Sonny blamed the Zacharras not only for Kate's shooting, but for Micahel's sudden disapperance. Sonny had Johnny kidnapped, and he was taken to an old psychiatric hospital where he was tortured! Claudia found out about this, and she told Sonny that her family had nothing to do with Kate's shooting or Michael's disappearance. She was angry about Johnny's kidnapping and his torutured; she wanted Johnny released. He was, but Claudia was angry about Johnny being torutured! So, she hired a hitman to take Sonny out, and the hitman was Dr. Devlin. He missed Sonny, but he shot Michael! That how the story went. Months later when Sonny was supposed to marry Kate, Anthony Zacharra framed Karpov, the Russian mob guy, and Anthony sneaked in the church and shot Kate! Sonny went after revenge, and he killed Karpov while Olivia was watching; she never told Sonny that she saw him killing Karpov.