Jagger was Brenda's first love, and he was not mentioned? She plotted to make Jagger love her; he was in love with Karen Wexler. She got him for awhile, but Karen was able to get Jagger back from Brenda. This story was done before Sonny came to town. Karen met Sonny, first, and she got involve with him as one his strippers at his strip club. Sonny got Karen hooked on pills. Eventually, Jagger made their way back together again, and this left Brenda without a man. When Jagger and Karen got married, everyone knew that GH was going to try to hook Sonny with Brenda. To me, Sonny and Brenda were a rebound relationship. Sonny was trying to get over losing Karen; he did really like Karen, possibly he was in love with her. Of course, Brenda lost the fight over Jagger.

All the scenes and episodes that network showed on Tuesday's show were OK, but they reminded why I hated many characters on the show at that time. Some were forced into storylines that they should NEVER have been in on GH! Brenda and Sonny were as good as the writing. If the writing was awful, they were awful and boring. GH's ratings did take a dive, and TPTB and many fans seem to have forgotten this. Wendy Riche the producer at that time lost her job, and there were reasons for this.

Wendy Riche would give us great drama and episodes for about three months. You would say, "WOW!" GH was the best soap that you ever saw in your life! Then the next nine months, the show would become very boring: redundant dialogues, and characters not doing anything. Some new boring characters would should up like Miranda and Chloe Morgan, supposedly to bring new life to the show. GH would win many Emmys for the great three months of drama, but many said GH did NOT deserve them because the show was so horrible for rest of that year.

I'm hoping Vanessa Marcil's Return is a complete success! If the writers don't write her correctly, she will be one the worst returns in the history of TV! Brenda is a glamorous character; I don't expect to see her hanging around the dive, Jake's! She should be on the sets like the Haunted Star, or at the Metro Court. GH don't have any high class clubs anymore for characters like Brenda and the doctors like Steven Lars can hang out at after work. The settings do affect how one looks at the characters! Also, their clothing: Brenda wore expensive clothes; the wedding dress where Sonny left her at the altar cost 20,000 dollars at that time. I doubt GH would make a dress for Brenda like that anymore! Nowdays, the clothes look cheap which affect the characters! I will finish this by saying, "I wish GH and Vanessa Marcil all the luck in the work, they are going to need it!"