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Thread: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    And, now, another edition of cast UA's fictional kids.

    Sorry, guys. I promise to make more of an effort to update this thread with actual updates to my fics soon.

    But in the meantime...the fruits of my boredom/writer's block.


    So, first things first.

    I feel it's important that I put a little disclaimer in this post and it goes something like this: none of these photos belong to me; I'm only using them to give my readers a picture to go along with the characters in my fics. I'm not making any money off of them nor do I plan to. If I'm stepping on any toes, I apologize. I truly do not mean to.

    That settled, how about you guys tell me what you think?

    The following cute little guy puts me in mind of the picture of Kendall I have in my (too-full) brain when I'm writing Believe. Not all of the features are just right, but the eyes and hair color fit. I

    Thoughts? Opinions?

    I haven't found a pic that just screams Katie to me yet, but here's just one potential Katie:

    Why yes, I've been blocked and bored and have had way too much time to surf the internet looking for images and links of potential faces to go with my characters. What of it?


    I'm really not as pathetic as this post makes me seem.

    Okay, okay.

    Back on topic.

    What about Hope from Anna Begins?

    This one's tough. I've only run across a couple of little girls in the right age range that even have red hair.

    Just two that I've found:


    Her hair's too long for our gal Hope, and she's a bit older than I picture, but something about her makes me think of TAM (I waffle back and forth on Kay's for this story quite a bit--TAM, Deanna, Heidi--never can quite make up my mind as to which one I want to stick with, lol).


    She's adorable and has the hairstyle if not the shade of red I picture Hope with, and that third pic is totally the Hope attitude, but still, she's not the perfect Hope (although I really do love her).

    What do you think? Does either candidate look as if she belongs to these two?

    You guys have to help me out here; cast my kids, lol.

    Now for potential Lissy's. Neither has the huge chocolate eyes I picture that little girl with, but there's something about them.



    #3 (late addition):

    That's enough for one night.

    Interested to read your thoughts.

    Or see your own pics (I'd love that).


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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    Last potential Lissy, I swear (unless serendipity drops another pic in my lap, lol).

    Here you go:

    P.S. I actually pictured Ali's hair more wavy like this but much blonder.


    Now...I'll quit spamming my own thread.



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    Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    From 10/31 - Lissy #3 is what I was thinking.
    Sorry I haven't been posting much, we got a german shepherd puppy on 10/29 for my FI's 30th bday (10/30/80). And let me tell you, she has really kept me busy!
    She was 7 wks on Sunday, and hopefully in another few (please pray sooner) weeks, she will be sleeping through the whole night (10pm bed- 730 wakeup).
    I will keep checking in, I'm still here!!
    The truth shall set you free, now if only someone would tell it!

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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    Aww, a German shepherd puppy.

    I have one of those, although her weight (60+ lbs) would argue she's not a puppy anymore.


    Got her last spring and love her to death. She's an outdoor girl, though, and good thing, because she's supremely hyper.

    The eyes on that particular little girl are so Lissy. I was thinking longer hair, but she's a pretty good choice.

    Who knows? I might change my mind.

    I'm still stuck on the other stories, but I am working on something else. It's thirty little interconnected ficlets that tell a story in non-linear order, but I think it's still pretty easily followed. I'm working off of a set of prompts I saw somewhere else on the internet (in my browsing), and I think it's going pretty well in terms of helping me get unblocked with my writing. I'm waiting to post them when they're completed, then, hopefully, I can move on to my other fics. It feels strange to say this, but writing these ficlets has given me ideas for my other WIP fics.

    I guess you can say this little exercise has been a success.

    We'll know for sure when I post a new chapter of my already ongoing fics.

    Talk to you later, Lynne.

    Take care of that puppy.


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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    Apparently, I fibbed, Lynne.


    I've decided to post the first 10 ficlets before the darn document gets too big (these ficlets are getting longer and longer, omg).

    I hope you're not too disappointed.

    Anyway, this being me, the story thus far is mostly centered on Sheridan and Luis. I thought it'd be interesting to toy around with an AU where Sheridan came back from Paris with a little unexpected companion.

    Like I said earlier, the ficlets are not in linear order. They skip around quite a bit. But, IMHO, the storyline is still pretty easy to follow. These are basically vignettes I guess you could say. Some events are familiar, some are not, hence the label AU.

    So...I hope you guys enjoy the new fic.

    Regardless of when I get finished with the entire fic, I think I'll continue to break my posts up into 10 ficlets apiece. You know, to keep you guys from getting bored with me.


    So, without further ado...

    Title: Pieces of My Heart: or The True Story of What Happens When Two Stubborn People Fall in Love
    Rating: G-R
    Warnings: lots of 'em, lol
    Characters/Pairings: mainly Sheridan/Luis with other established pairings
    Summary: basically what the subtitle says: how two stubborn people fall in love

    Off to post.


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    Post Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.


    I'm back again, with some more UA kids.


    Still working on the fics, will hopefully have some time to get new chapters up soon with the mini-vacation I got coming up for the holiday. Maybe this weekend?

    We'll see.

    In the meantime, here are a few more pics for you guys. I keep hoping someone else will post some pics, anything, but oh


    Young Danielle:

    Older Danielle:


    Yet another Lissy wannabe:

    It Happened One Night:

    Possible Daniela (although...she seems too old):

    What do you guys think?


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    Re: UAgirl's fics--comments, update notifications, questions, etc.

    The next 5 ficlets/chapters in my latest story, Pieces of My Heart, are posted in that thread.

    Go forth and enjoy.

    And come back here to tell me all your thoughts, lol.

    So...I promised you more UA kids in my author's note, so here you go, starting with the pics I've found so far that put me in mind of little Emma.

    My favorite:

    I actually pictured Emma having hair that was darker, like this:

    Even like this:

    Another adorable option:

    And finally:

    What do you think?

    Which one is your favorite?

    And (future?) Hope in Anna Begins:


    Older version of Kendall in the Unforgettable-verse:



    Myles in that same story:

    What do you think? Does he look like he could be the offspring of Reesica?

    His big sister Faith:

    I think they look like they could be sibs? Do you?

    Baby Hope perhaps? I'm still partial to future Hope, but this kid is pretty darn cute:

    I think this is my Lissy:

    Although this girl could work for a more mature Lissy:

    Or do you guys still like the earlier pics I posted better?

    What do you think? Have we found our Cristian? Look:

    And little Joshua:

    MJ maybe:

    Emily and Sara:

    Cute, huh?

    Daniela from It Happened One Night; little older than I pictured her, but I think the look for Luis's and Beth's daughter is right:

    Finally, blast from the past. Haley from Is There Life After Love:

    Grown up Haley at the end of the fic, of course.

    So...what do you guys think?

    Come on. Tell me.

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