Even on my mini-vacation, I am still checking in regularly it seems, either in the morning before I head to the show, or when we get back in the evening ~ I guess I just can't get enough!

Quick question: Is Tell Me Why the first and Where the Heart is the sequel? Or the other way around...

I have read School Daze/So Called Life, but it was a while ago before the Believe series. I will have to reread. Still loving Anna Begins, haven't looked to see if there were new chapters since, again, the Believe Series. I think I will dive into Whisper soon.

I know it isn't easy to think about Whit and Simone, they never had a lot going for them on the show until recently, but I was just thinking of all the females currently in the Believe series. I always wondered on the show if Simone didn't have a thing for Miguel, (before she was lesbian). I was thinking Whit, but she is a few years older, not like that is strange these days.

Okay, I'll leave you alone about Hank for awhile, although I love his and Abby's brother-sister-like bond with a touch of flirting. Eek, that kind of sounds bad, doesn't it?

I know everyone in town knows Antonio, but I think it is great that Abby knows him as Tony. I was meaning, will/did Abby tell Shane that Tony is Antonio? Being Shane is in the pic with her and Tony. I didn't know if he'd pick up the connection.

I know you have it planned to reveal why Antonio left, so I won't but you about it now. But where did Abby come from? I know she was married before and "Tony" helped her when she needed him, but where were they? I know she became a physical therapist and came to Harmony through Luis's rehab, but where was she living before? (Trying to get a guess at how far away Antonio really was from Harmony I guess).

OKAY!! Done with the harrassing this morning. Breakfast time and then we're gonna hit the showfloor!

Talk later!