Updated some threads.

You'll find 'new' chapters in the following threads:

Tell Me Why

Also...I just wanted to update you guys on the status of my other stories. I'm currently working on new chapters to Anna Begins, Believe, One True Thing, Imitation of Life, and Where the Heart Is. Believe it or not, Shuis are being stubborn in all of the fics so I'm having a hard time completing a single chapter, but I'm still plugging away.


Hopefully, I'll have something up within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I thought I'd try something out, see if I can gain some assistance with deciding which chapter to put the most effort into finishing. Kinda gauge your interest, if you'll allow me.

Now for a little poll (and this--the order listed--is going by the number of views each fic has...if you have another preference, pick other and specify).

What story do you most want to see updated?

Anna Begins
Imitation of Life
One True Thing
It Happened One Night
Love and Legalities