Thanks for providing the link to those stories, Pam. I completely missed the request for the other stories. Blame it on my school-induced brain of mush.


Don't sweat the feedback issue. Don't get me wrong, I love feedback, but I completely understand how busy real life can be.

I'm glad you're enjoying Anna Begins. That story has been in my head forever; I just never started it because I have so many other unfinished WIPs. But sadly, inpiration for some of those other stories are at an all-time low, and rather than waiting to finish a few fics that may never get finished (unless my inspiration gains a sudden burst of unexpected creativity, lol), I decided to go ahead with it. I'm glad I did too, because it's a lot of fun to write.

I'm a little too fond of angst.

Boards haven't gone yet (LOL). They should go at the end of this month/start of the next. Right now I'm still at my old job with hopes of a promotion. Thanks for the interest! Don't worry. I'll keep you updated.


P.S. Hope you enjoy chapter 11. The fact that it's much longer alone is a step in the right direction, huh?