Some of you may know what I'm talking about, some of you may not. So I will explain.

the white circle is what is called an 'orb' in the paranormal world. Now some believe this is how a spirit manifests itself. The theory that it takes them less energy to be an orb than it does a full body apparition.
And here is where my rant begins. Orbs can be caught from dust, something on the lens, water, pollen, snow, hair or other particles in the air. There is NOTHING paranormal about those things. Unfortunately some people grasp to orbs as their proof of spirits, when it isn't. I'm sure we have all see the stuff that floats around in a beam of sunlight coming in a window. That is what is picked up when it is close to the lens of the camera, and the compact cameras with their flash being so close to the lens bring light to the dust and make them appear. Different cameras have different apertures (I think that is the word I'm looking for, the part that does the actual opening and closing inside the camera) inside. The majority are round, there are other brands that have a diamond shape, those create diamond orbs. These are NOT diamond shaped ghosts!
I'm so freaking tired of looking at sites of ghosts teams, and they had a really cool location to visit. Yet their only 'evidence' is a freaking orb. Or worse, motion blur from a long exposure. Come on! Reading EXIF data isn't hard, and it shows how long your camera exposure was, and if the flash was used. Why not look at that? Why do you people call an obvious reflection of an object in a room a light anomaly. There is nothing anomalous about it. It's from the chandelier, or the picture frame, or even the high gloss urethane used on the door trim.
I almost hate TAPS. The show Ghost Hunters has brought out many paranormal groups. I don't know if people think it's cool or what. But sadly most of them I see are uneducated about what they are doing. It drives me nuts. Those group and people that were into this long before Ghost Hunters are getting a bad name (IMO) from all these wannabes that watch a tv series and think they know everything. BLARG!
Some of you probably have no clue what I'm talking about, that's cool. I'll explain more if you want to know. But in general it's just stupid people, acting stupid and claiming bad photography as proof of a 'haunting'. I want to beat them with a big stick!