I think many fans missed many of the clues in Jason/Franco storyline. I do believe this story is based partially on the Lamech Cain story, with Jason playing the part of Lamech Cain, and Franco playing the part of the young man. That both Lamech Cain and the young man were rivals! Lamech Cain's honor was destroyed by this young man in a fight. That was why Lamech Cain went after him, and he killed that young man. I think some fans went overboard about Franco being in love with Jason; I don't think that was the case. When Franco first saw Jason at the art exhibit in PC, I saw PURE HATE, NOT LOVE on Franco's face! Why would Franco hate Jason? Because in Franco's mentally ill mind, he saw Jason as a rival: Who was the superior murderer? This seemed to be very important to Franco! It was a matter of pride! To learn who was superior, Franco had to pull Jason into a duel. But how? Franco had to find out Jason's weaknesses so that Franco could use these weaknesses as way to hurt or wound Jason. Then Jason would come after him.

Franco maybe mentally ill, but he was not stupid. Franco knew one of people's weaknesses is sex; Jason could go both ways, and Franco would use himself if he had to, in order to find this out about Jason. Franco found out that Jason didn't like guys. So he went out to find out about the females in Jason's life like Carly, Sam, and even Carly's baby, by kidnapping and terrorizing them. He went after Maxie to get a reaction out of Jason, but there was not much a reaction. I think Franco realized that the cover up of Claudia's murder by Jason was "the clue" that Michael was the true weakness of Jason. That was why this summer when Franco returned, he went after Michael. He knew that this would DEEPLY WOUND Jason when he found out what happened to Michael, and Jason would come after him. Thus, the duel will be on between the two!

At the art exhibit in L.A., Franco was planning to kill Jason as way to prove that he was the superior killer! That was why Franco kept egging Jason on, even by taking a woman hostage; he wanted Jason to pull out his gun to a duel with him, but Jason didn't do it. Jason is a hitman; he does not kill in front of a crowd or audience. Franco was saying to Jason in so many words that he would do it; Franco did care where he killed. Jason was also saying that whatever issues that they had, they shouldn't fight in front of those people. What got Jason mad was when the film of Carter and Franco plotting to hurt Michael was played to the crowd. Then Jason started to chase after Franco again. The duel was on, and who won?

Well, it just depends what happened on the roof? If the person who fell and died was Franco, Jason won. If that person was not Franco, then Franco won. He outsmarted Jason and Dante! This would mean Franco won the first and second battles between him and Jason, but he has not won the war, yet. Thus, Franco is coming back to win the war, so he thinks. These things are what I saw on my TV screen the past few months. I don't what many of you saw? Tell me?


P.S. One problem with my theory is Maxie. I think Franco never planned to sleep with her. By him asking Maxie, if she is still with Spinelli, this could be Franco's weakness---Maxie?! Why would he care if she is with Spinelli or not? I don't think Franco would admit to feelings towards our airhead. Jason should think about possible Franco's weakness in order to get back in this game.