You know James Franco is playing someone with schizophrenia. I worked with people with this mental illness, and I have family members who have it. James Franco is doing a great job in portraying this mental illness. From the strange smiling and laughter, to the wild blinking of his eyelids. Also, people with this illness are not stupid; they can be very highly intelligent. That is why they are hard to detect unless you really have a conversation with them, and you may notice something is not clicking. There are many times, you can't do this, and you are fooled. Some psychiatrists can't do it either, for they may let down the guard, and they end up dead in a trunk of a car.

Moreover, soap operas in general don't know how to write characters with mental illness. Soaps come up and say that the character had a nervous breakdown, but there is no such thing as a nervous breakdown: There is no diagnosis called nervous breakdown! You have schizophrenia; depression; manic depression; and other types of mental illnesses. People goes through different phases of their mental illnesses. Medications supposedly help them stay stable, but medications may not help all the time; people with mental illnesses can attack you with them being on meds too. I have a theory about Franco: I think Franco takes medications when he visits his mother or his art dealer. He seems to be calm during those times. When he is working on his art, I think he stops taken his meds because he think he is getting in contact with his inner creative juices. The problem is that the longer he stays off his meds, he becomes more psychiatic, and he becomes homicidal. Then he starts to do all that stalking.

One of my family members really know how to stalk: I didn't know this family member knew how to find another person: the family member ended up having the stalkee's phone number and home address. This family member was sending gifts to this person. And was about to show up at this person's house if we did not have this family member put in the psychiatric hospital. Lastly, GH does not talk about Sonny's mental illness anymore. Apparently, he does not go to the psychiatrist anymore, and he is not taking any meds, and he is drinking again. Maybe his mental illness storyline was dropped?! Bravo, for James Franco showing how to portray someone with schizophrenia!