I complained about GH and soaps overacting in their storylines, but if the scenes call for this, it should be done. On Friday's episode, Warren shot people at the hospital's Nurses's station. Those scenes were supposed to be very intense and very dramatic. Where was the screaming? Where was all the crying? Where was the despair? At least with Franco, I knew he was playing games, and what he was doing was supposed to be fake, not real. The characters at the hospital shooting acted as if it was just another day at the hospital, not the medical staff: they are supposed to be calm and cool under extreme situation. There are two characters that I was disappointed with Maxie and Robin: Mac is a father figure to both Maxie and Robin: Mac was shot, and he could be dying. Yes, Robin is a doctor, but Mac raised her; she was not supposed to put on her reserve feelings as a doctor; she was supposed to act as a daughter. Maxie can play the airhead, but apparently when it came to the intense scenes should couldn't do it. She fell flat.

Moreover, the problems could have been the cutbacks, especially with the day players on GH. The day players enhances the scenes with the crying and the screaming. Then the main characters come in and do what they have to do with the scenes. There were lack of dayplayers in those scenes. Without them the scenes fell flat because the main characters could not cry and scream at the same time while doing their scenes. Only character that did OK was Maya because the her scenes called for her to be shell shock. The rest I did not like.


P.S. I did not like Elizabeth's scenes when her baby was kidnapped. She acted as if someone told her that he car was stolen. Maybe she would have shown more emotion if her car was stolen!