It's no big surprise that things like blogging fall by the wayside in the summertime. We're all so busy living and enjoying life that there's hardly anytime to write about it, nevermind actually reading. I remind myself that this is not a bad thing, but also realize I could be more forthcoming about my daily antics and general tom-foolery.

I've spent a LOT of time with my family this summer. And by family I mean those two no-goodniks up there. That'd be my cousin on the left and brother on the right having a tickle fight on a picnic bench in the park. What better place for a tickle fight?

Sadly I haven't been very good at documenting everything. I made a commitment to change that last weekend, so do keep your eyes peeled for more. On second thought, that's gross. Don't peel your eyes. Just keep stopping by.

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