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    Post Alice Memorial

    Did anyone else get teary-eyed during this past week, with all of the Flashbacks of Alice?

    At the end of today's show (6/25) - during the burial, and memorial service, I couldn't help myself. Alice was like a grandmother to each of us, and for as long as I can remember watching the show (I am 26, remember watching it as a kid with my mother, who also watched it with her mother growing up) - Alice has been the one person who held on through the years. What a rock.

    Rest in peace Frances Reid *We all love you Gran*
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    I had to smile when you said you was 26. I've been watching Days for more years than you are old . (But good to know that Days has a "younger" following). I started watching Days the first week it aired, and even though I haven't seen every episode, I'm seen almost all of them. Guess that makes me old enough to be your great-grandmother..maybe older..yikes!.

    But, yes, it even brought tears to my eyes watching the memorial to "Alice". I was glad they included "Tom" at the end by putting his picture on her picture.

    It was wonderful seeing so many of the former actors returning to their role to pay tribute to Francis Reid. I recognized almost all of them immediately, and it warmed my heart to see them again. However... how come very few of them aged, and I did ?

    Francis Reid's character of Alice will be remembered and loved by all who has watched Days.

    By the way, did you see the episodes when "Alice" dressed up as a Hippy, and rode around on the back of Bo's motorcycle. I still get a big smile when I think of that!

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    Post Re: Alice Memorial

    I just finished watching Friday's Memorial show...I was wiping tears from my eyes the whole time. It was lovely and I really liked seeing all the "old timers" come back...reminded me of when I was younger and really Hooked on "DOOL"...Missy Reeves and Mary Beth Evans still look lovely. I Loved the Patch&Kayla and Shane&Kim storylines! From what I've read, Francis Reid was a lovely person in real life too, much admired by the cast and crew, and I'm sure the tears that were shed were real. Kristian Alfonso looked So Sad. I'm reading Ken Corday's book "Days of our Lives" right now and its interesting to read about his parents and their background in Show Biz and how they started "DOOL". He has special praise for his "ladies": Frances Reid, Suzanne Rogers, Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Renee Jones and Marybeth Evans.


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