I just had to share my new favorite lip gloss/chapstick that I found yesterday. Well, I found it last year but only bought myself some yesterday and now I doubt I'll be able to live without it.

It's C.O. Bigelow's line of minty lip gloss (comes w/out shine as well) that "freshens breath" as well and I found it at Bath and Body Works at 3 for $15 yesterday. It's so awesome AND comes in tints if you're into that. My guy friend bought the regular no shine kind (for guys) and loves it as well. I'm pretty sure my lips are addicted. Anyhow, I highly suggest it so get some now while it's on sale!

Here it is on the Bath and Body Works site. You can get the 3 for $15 there too. I highly suggest the Ultra Mentha Lip Shine. It makes your lips feel like they have ice on them and tastes YUMMY!