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Thread: Good friday Morning!

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    Smile Good friday Morning!

    I hope you are all having a fine day. My son had no school today. So I slept late.Now it's time to clean house and I want to do some baking today. I want to wish you all a great weekend!

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    Post Re: Good friday Morning!

    Morning! Been up early 6:00 am. Got a lot on my plate today. I already have the chili done and boy does it smell good in here. I hope everyone likes it...I got a big bottle of TUMS just in case it is too spicy for some...LOL LOL
    Big weekend ahead of us.....
    Luv ya all and have a great weekend!

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    Re: Good friday Morning!

    Hi...and good evening to all. Just getting home from work. But don't pay any attention to the time on here..its wrong..LOL. About 4:35 PM here. Sheri..wish I had some of that chili for supper..yum!! Having tums ready is a good idea though...ha ha. And Coffenut..what's for dessert? Read you wanted to bake today. Hey..if I could have you and Sheri's goodies..I wouldn't have to bother with supper. LOL


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