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Thread: True or False Game

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    I don't can.
    I do make jam and red sauce that can be frozen though.

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    Re: True or False Game

    Sort of. It's a complicated relationship.

    You are an argumentative person.

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    Re: True or False Game

    OK; that's funny. Uhm; no, I'm not.
    I just let everyone else know when their opinions are incorrect.

    T/F: you love the sound of your neighbor's leaf blower.

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    Re: True or False Game

    My neighbor lives in a townhouse and has a back yard the size of a postage stamp.
    Yet, he insists on using a leaf blower every other day (usually at ungodly hours of the morning).

    True or false: Because you are primarily an on line shopper, you have not been in a mall in years.

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    Re: True or False Game

    TRUE! (I've really started to deeply dislike going to the mall. All the noise! and crush.)

    LOL. I wonder if leaf blowers would be more effective torture than waterboarding. Or, for that matter, being tied to a chair in the feed lot -- uh, I mean, food court -- at the mall for a few hours could probably out do waterboarding.

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    Re: True or False Game

    I do. But I find those you find in grocery stores to be too sweet. I sometimes make my own when I have time.

    You've seen the movie The Shallows.


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