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Good news about my cousin..he's off the ventilator! Breathing on his own..amen! He's not out of the woods yet, but thanking the Lord he's brought him this far. He's just whispering right now..but having a speech therapist come in and work with him. He might be in a regular room in a few days. Eating pudding and mashed potatoes now. Taking each day and being thankful for them.
Julie..sorry about the math. I hope if you have to retake the same one..perhaps get a tutor more often or a different teacher that will work with you more. Hang in there!
Well glad to hear the news about your cousin! That is awesome news! A little at a time? Right? I do hope he continues to improve while your gone on your vacation and I will continue to pray for his recovery of course!

I'm going to try and go in today since I'm off and get some advice from the lady who schedules the classes etc. I just don't like this class and don't want to have to retake it. But we shall see what she says. My biggest problem was study time cause of work etc. I might have to just take one class at a time or something we shall see. Wish me luck!