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    My son has come up with a theory about who the man who walked over the bridge might be.
    He thinks that man is the "other Walter" and he's come to get Peter back.
    If he's right, I can't wait for a scene with two Walters in it.

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    Not a bad theory at all! I think your son is correct on "who" but not on the "why."
    If the AU gang is technologically more advanced than our side how come 'Walternate,' which is the nickname of the other Walter, hasn't come for Peter in the last 24 years?
    And BTW there's a theory floating around that Walternate is "Mr. Secretary" recouperating from his trip from the Other Side to whom Newton was tending on the table.

    I think Walternate does not want Peter back for some reason. I also believe Walternate was visiting our Walter when he was in St. Claire's near the beginning of the series. We all thought our Walter was hallucinating but, if could have been Walternate!

    I also think Peter will discover in the next few episodes that Walternate, with his brain fully intact, is in all ways much more evil and selfish than our Walter. I believe that will be one of many reasons why Peter will be yearning to go 'home' some time in the future.


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