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Thread: Good Monday Morning to all...

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    Yes the soup can be salty, I am very careful about the seasoning cuz Pat has to watch his soduim.
    I ususally just need to add pepper, I let the other ingrediants add the flavor on thier own.
    Looks like we are now at GF...Maybe we can intise others to join out little group......please post with us!
    Off to do a little laundry while the kids nap!

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    Re: Good Monday Morning to all...

    Well...perhaps I will check out some others..and invite them over..ok? Well, dr. appts went ok..but there forever! 2 1/2 hours to be exact! Since we got out so late..Terry and I went out to eat Chinese food..and we ate like pigs..oink..oink! Our check ups went fine and since my blood sugar was better than last time...I talked the doc into letting me wait 6 months instead of the usual 3-4 months to come back. It was getting to be too much going for me! And hubby doesn't have to go back for another year..the booger.

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    Re: Good Monday Morning to all...

    we use the tomatoes for slads,soups and a lot of eating right from the garden. It's so much better than store bought.Every time Christopher comes over he goes and picks tomatoes. He loves them


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