DL Brock was Bobbie Spencer's first husband; he was very violent and brutal towards Bobbie. He would take his fisks and hit her in the jaw and knock her down: This was very raw and brutal. GH didn't show it in slow motion. The late David Groh who played DL was still being booed by many GH fans, years after he had been off the show.

Moreover, maybe some GH fans are upset about this persent story because GH brought Sonny into the storyline. Of course, GH would bring Sonny in this story, for he is Kristina's father. This would trigger memories of Deke abusing Sonny's mother. Also, maybe GH should have shown Kristina being knocked around like Bobbie was, in real time: The slow motion took something away from the brutality of the story: It kind of came off as a dream.

GH probably did not want to do Kristina/Kiefer abuse scenes in real time because both are teenagers unlike Bobbie and DL Brock. What do you prefer? The slow motion scenes? Or the real time scenes? Opinions?