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Thread: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    You are right, spoilers are meant to prompt fans to sign up for DTV, or to watch the show faithfully and frankly at this point I could care less about spoilers because they are always not quite what we thought they were going to be.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Spoke with my friend Lancybaby, and we agreed Em's spoiler comment bout Erased memories of shuis' from their escapade, maat cause an imaginary pregnancy. We agreed that somehow. shuis may learn bout something they "may have done" but when Fancy pregnancy is announced, Sheridan will do like Beth did lasst time and announce an IMAGINARY pregnancy for herself just to keep Luis close.
    Of course Unlike Luis NOT believing Sheridan when it came to Marty.. If Sheridan tries to pass off Lancy baby as hers, and Fancy accuses Sheriidan of taking her baby, Luis will believe Fancy.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by scorpiowitch View Post
    Luis is still looking at Sheridan like she has horns growing out of her head. It is definitely not the look of love or lust. They are still pimping DTV and trying to get people to switch over. So it is probably a teaser to see how many fan bases they can get. Passionsbaby came up with some really good solutions on this subject and of course we know that JER is the king of recycling. Remember when Sheridan "thought" she saw Luis making love to Beth?
    The weird thing about advertising DTV ON DTV is that only DTV watchers can see the ads and the promos to be able to watch PASSIONS. If anyone on DTV who is not a fan,
    they still are on the channel watching the show.

    Perhaps if they make the story lines move a little faster, and really do cliff hangers, they might entice more folks to become serious fans.

    Who is scratching her head and sick of the promos by now.


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