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Thread: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

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    Post Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Ok, Lancybaby and I came up with this, we have been discussing it whole weekend and we tried to figure out what the spoiler of Fancy walking in on Luis and sheridan making love could mean. ...She posted at NBC boards, and I'm posting it here.

    We know how spoilers don't say everything plus they can also be misleading.

    Well if there is one thing some Shuisfans and Lancy fans can agree on, is Luis is NOT a CHEATER.

    We came up with a few guesses. Now we know that on Thursday I think it was.. or is it coming up that Al whispered something in Pretty's ear. He wants Fancy to break it off with Luis and is using Pretty to help him. Pretty is not sure if she can do that to Fancy.

    1. FAUX LUIS and FAUX SHERIDAN is here.. Just like what Becca and Jules did to Sheridan, having her walk in on "Luis" , just like how Fox arranged to have Kay walk in on "Charguel" Al is doing the same to Fancy to walk in on "Shuis" IMO. Could it be that Pretty is the Faux Sheridan and Al hired the Faux Luis.

    2. Pretty drugs both Sheridan and Luis, causing them to become delirious especially Luis with Luis thinking he is with Fancy.

    3. While Shuis are searching for Marty, they share a kiss with Sheridan initiating it. However I bet Luis pulls away and says he can't do this to Fancy. He loves Fancy and they are going to be together. He tells Sheridan Fancy has been under stress lately and lashed out at him because of it.

    Sheridan thinks this is her opening to win him back, but she needs to get him to want her again. She needs to get him make love to her, but she knows he won't do it willingly, he won't cheat on Fancy. But once he is with Sheridan, Sheridan thinks he won't want to go back to Fancy.
    She decides to drug him. Drugged and delirious, he thinks he is seeing Fancy. He probably keeps saying " I love you" and of course Sheridan replies, " i love you too." thinking he is talking to her.
    They start to make love when Fancy walks in.

    4. It's either a dream Sheridan is having, or a nightmare Fancy is having.

    I'm soo seeing Number 5 more though..
    5. We know Luis and sheridan are supposed to go out searching for Marty.
    There is a spoiler indicating that Sheridan thinks she knows where Marty is being kept, and tells Luis. Luis thinks this is another ploy of Sheridan's to keep him away from Fancy.
    My guess is.. that wherever sheridan wants to go search for Marty, she and Luis will have to pretend they are a couple.
    I'm guessing that they end up getting in a tight situation where they have to pretend to "make love" (Remember last year Lancy had to Pretend making a porn movie, as part of an undercover operation to bring down the bad guy) Maybe they'll have to end up doing something similar.
    My guess, where they have to go, they have to do something similar. However they'll be in disguise. Fancy however is searching for them, and is lead to wherever they are. It could be that she walks in on them "making love" but does not realise it is them and leaves..

    If they are not in diguise , she sees them, and becomes really upset. Luis notices and either does one of two things..
    1. He will do anything to find Marty , so he decides to continues with the pretence with Sheridan until he finds marty. He believes Fancy will understand once he explains it to her and Marty is home..

    2. He gets up, and goes after her, where she tells him things are over and she never wants to see him again (remember she also has the chip controlling her) She storms off. Luis tells Sheridan he'll help her find Marty but after that he is going to win back Fancy.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    At least one of these are viable. You are right about Luis being a very loyal lover. So I am going to go with Sheridan getting him into a compromising position just so Fancy will see them. Sheridan is desparate right now and not only does she want Marty...but she wants Luis and will (look at the last couple of months) do ANYTHING she can to break Lancy up. So all of your ideas are very good, we will just have to wait and watch.

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    Post Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Well it's not the first time Sher tried to get Luis in bed and I'm sure it's not the last. But the spoiler could mean so many different things and it comes from a tabloid so that doesn't say much.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Luis is still looking at Sheridan like she has horns growing out of her head. It is definitely not the look of love or lust. They are still pimping DTV and trying to get people to switch over. So it is probably a teaser to see how many fan bases they can get. Passionsbaby came up with some really good solutions on this subject and of course we know that JER is the king of recycling. Remember when Sheridan "thought" she saw Luis making love to Beth?

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    Post Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    It could also be as simple as Sher pulling a Billie and climbing into bed with a crashed out Luis with the door ajar and saying "Oh Luis make love to me again". Now what would be cool is Luis replying in his sleep with "all night long Fancy". That would be a scene to remember.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    I just read a spoiler that says "Fancy catches Luis and Sheridan in a compromising position." So that could mean a lot of things.

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    Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    I'm beginning to think that around Wednesday is when Fancy "Walks in on Shuis" I'm thinking maybe the shock, makes her collapse and she is rushed to the hospital.

    I'm thinking the week may end where the docs may find the chip, and perhaps it's revealed Fancy is Pregnant.

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    Post Re: Thoughts on Fancy/Luis/Sheridan spoilers

    Well the chip crap needs to be resolved quickly. But this spoiler as many spoilers is really not what it seems to be. I mean how many times have we had ones saying ET are going to be happy and we don't even get one episode of happiness out of them.


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