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Thread: Why do we love Soaps so much?

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    I go to thinking the other day about just how much I like soaps. And I realized, I had never really sat down before and contemplated why before. I personally began watching soaps when I was around 7 with my mom, so I guess being exposed to it early on could be the reason why. But then I thought about why I keep watching them everyday. What is it that makes me want to watch? So I came to the conclusion that I watch it because through the show, you are able to get to know people and just watch how their lives turn out. There are characters that you can connect with and hate with a passion. I think soaps really just involve viewers in their own unique way. Once I figured that out I was curious to see why other people watch soaps. What makes soaps so appealing to you?

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    I agree with what you siad. But, I remember when people used to be so caught up with the "stories" that they would dress up for a wedding, send cards when someone had a baby, etc. I wasn't part of any of that--and I've never gottne so involved that I remember episodes ver batim either.
    I got caught up in Days because I loved the character of Julie originally. I saw Susan Seaforth on a show called, "The Young Marrieds", and when the show died, she went to Days. I watched it everyday! That's when Julie had swiped a record and gotten caught at it. Wow, hot stuff, eh!
    When Julie wasn't on anymore, I fell in love with Hope. I am very much like Julie, but then Hope was a spitfire at the beginning, and I could relate.
    I was newly married then, and my Dh worked nights, so I could watch it evreyday.
    My feeling is that the romance on tv soaps is the way we wish it were in real life. The women are always knock-out goreous, and the men pay attention to them forever.

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    I think I'm a glutten for punishment! I just keep hoping that the couple(s) I love will finally be together. I first started tuning in to Days when Carly was buried alive and remember when Bo and Billie were in LA (I think). I was hooked and continued watching when Gina came on the scene, rooted for Mark Valley's Jack who was chasing after Jennifer when she married Peter, the Lady in White mystery, the whole Carrie/Austin/Sami triangle, etc. I also got hooked on Another World as well mostly because of the Vicki/Ryan/Grant s/l when Grant had taken Vicki to some rehab in Switzerland and Vicki eventually regained her memory that she loved Ryan and watched AW until the end. I have also watched Y&R off and on for years. Currenlty I watch Y&R, Passions (my fave right now, go ET!) and Days. Although since Passions has moved to DTV it now airs at the same time Days does so I haven't been watching Days everyday like I was.

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    I wish I were able to follow other soaps, too, but it just never happened that way for me. I did watch GH once, during Luke and Laura, but then even my retired parents were watching it , and that's like almost unbelievable!! But once Laura left the show, I didn't watch much again.
    I stopped watching Days when Hope and the real Bo left the show, too. But I was right there in front of the tv set the day they found "Gina". LoL!!

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    I used to LOVE watching the soaps! I was hooked for years on GH & DOOL. "Ryan's Hope" was the 1st soap I ever watched and it had wonderful family storylines. That's what I enjoyed: seeing the family inter-actions and of course, the romantic couples. I adored John&Marlena and Luke&Laura. The romance was what I was looking for in my own life, but most "real" men dont have a clue of "romance" like the fellows on the soaps, who are SO devoted to their 'true loves". Of course, the adventures were exciting to watch too! But, as the years went on, it seemed like the writers ran out of fresh ideas, and the storylines were just repeats of old ones or were just ridiculous and silly and unbelievable. The storylines went on and on and nothing was ever resolved. I found myself fast-forwarding thru my tapes of the daily shows and then I finally just quit taping. I dont think soaps will be around in 20 years.

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    Yes, they will still be around and Susan Lucci and Deidre Hall will still look the way they do now--LOL! How freaky is that!

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    The Daytime Drama appeals to us because it permits an escape from the real and physical world so we can compare just how fortunate we are to the problems on the small screen. More often than not,the drama can provide a learning process for us to solve our problems.


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