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Thread: Hello, Middle East countries buying stock exchanges..

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    Post Hello, Middle East countries buying stock exchanges..

    Does anyone see an issue with oil at $84 a barrel,opec countries outputting 1MM per day (that's $84MM per day!) and companies buying portions of major national exchanges?

    Why needs airplanes, they'll take us and the world down financially and we'll happily pay them to do it as we keep chugging down gas and oil.

    At what point does the world wake up and deliver a non-oil and renewable energy source that can put a dent in the financial power of these countries?

    Am I the only one concerned? Saudi also didn't move lock step with our interest rate cut thus moving away from the dollar peg for the currency in their country.


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    Re: Hello, Middle East countries buying stock exchanges..

    No, you aren't! I'm very concerned. We are backed into a huge corner here- totally dependant for our lifestyle on the very countries that hate us the most. Anyone who thinks Saudi-Arabia doesn't totally OWN our country is just not paying attention. Anyone who thinks that communist China doesn't have complete CONTROL over our economy is just not paying attention. And anyone who thinks that Israel doesn't pull the STRINGS of our foreign policy without restraint by anyone is just not paying attention.
    O.K., so that lastone wasn't really relevant to the point of the thread. But would we be in such hot water in all these Muslim and arab countries if we weren't obediantly and always backing Israel up on anything it does- no matter how illegal or immoral or unfair?
    Oil and Israel- the only two reasons we're spilling oceans of blood in this part of the it really worth it?

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    Re: Hello, Middle East countries buying stock exchanges..

    Aside from Saudi and oil dependency concerns, we must also consider the implications of the latest surge of China Shanghai and Shenzen markets over the past two years. Their market has sextupled within this timeframe with individuals representing more than 70% of those investors. With the worlds largest labor force and the potential purchasing power into U.S. companies such as Bear Stearns, China exhibits what we should be readying ourselves for in the U.S. --- powers that are determined to equalize the playing field with the U.S. but at what cost? We must ask ourselves if there is a way to be mindful of our place in all of this and make a difference through non-violent means.


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