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    Belle was sitting in her room studying for a test for the thousantth time. She didn;t know what to do with herself without Teddy. her cell phone rang
    B: Hello
    P: Hey Belle its Philp
    B: Hey
    P: What are you doing
    B: Studying
    P: Oh ok i can let u go
    B: Its ok Teddy is with his dad and i am lost without him
    P: You want to do something
    B: Sure like what
    P: I can come pick you up and we can figure it out then
    B: Ok
    She told her parents she was leaving and waited for Philp outside. he picked her in 10 minutes time. he opened the dorr for her
    P: So I was thinking we could get something to eat
    B: That sounds great
    They went to a resturant and talked about Teddy and Shawn. She had a good time. Philp was as bad as she thought he was. After they ate he suggested a movie
    B: I saw one yesterday with Shawn
    P: We could walk around the mall
    B: Sounds good.
    They walked around and he ended up buying Teddy and her somethings. Then they went back to her house
    B: you didn't have to buy me anything
    P: i know but I wanted too. Well your home
    B: you want to come in
    P: Sure that sounds good
    They went in and she introduced Philp to her parents. They sat in the living room and talked to her parents. He charmed them of course. Then they went outside and sat down and talked. Shawn's dad pulled into the driveway
    B: Hey shawn
    S: Hey
    B: This is philp I work with him
    Shawn gave Teddy to her
    B: mama is so lost without you
    S: Well I guess I better get going.
    B: Shawn you can stay
    S: No its fine
    he left
    P: I think he is jelous
    B: I don't see why its not like we are together or you and I are dating
    P: I think he wants to get back together
    B: Everyone says that but I don't know
    P: can I hold him
    B: Sure
    Teddy didn;t cry and he liked Philp. They went inside and Philp stayed for super her mom invited him to stay. After he helped belle give Teddy a bath and the he left
    P: See ya Tuesday
    B: yep thanks for everything
    M: I like him
    B: mom don't get any ideas we are just friends
    M: Maybe you should be more he even likes Teddy
    B: Well of course he does
    M: Some men won't date women who have a baby
    B: Good night
    She carried Teddy upstairs an put him to bed. her cell phone vibrated and she walked out of the room so she wouldn't wake Teddy
    B: Hello
    S: So who is that guy
    B: I told you a friend from work. I was bored and he wanted to hang out
    S: Does he like you
    B: yes but I am not going to date him why does it matter
    S: I was just wondering if he was going to be around my son
    B: you don't trust my judgement he is a good guy and I will hang out with him when i have Teddy as well what is it to you
    S: Nothing i was curious.
    B: Shawn what is going on
    S: What do you mean
    B: you sound jelous
    S: I am not
    B: ok if you say so
    He said good night to her and she went to bed. She was confused
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    When shawn took Teddy for the weekend Belle hung out with Philp on Saturday. They went to a movie and out to eat. Then they went back to her house.
    P: I am glad we are hanging out
    B: Me too
    Philp leaned in and kissed her. Belle kissed him back.
    P: I have been wanting to do that for awhile
    B: I am glad u did.
    P: So u like me
    B: Yes but i am not ready to date
    P: Thats fine i can wait
    Then shawn dropped by
    S: hey guys
    B: Hey where is Teddy
    S: At my the house. Hope said she would watch him. I was hanging out with a friend
    B: Its fine
    S: can i talk to u alone for a minute
    Philp got up and went to his car
    B: Whats up
    Shawn leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. They kissed for about 2 minutes and he left before she could say a word. Now she was really confused. Philp came back
    P: What did he want
    B: He kissed me and left
    P: thats weird. So now what
    B: i don't know i am confused
    P: Do you still love him
    B: I always have
    P: Well what about us
    B: We aren't dating
    P: Yea but I like you
    B: Philp I told you from the beggining we are just friends
    P: Yes you did but i don't want to like you and then you stomp on my feelings
    B: So don't
    P: I can't help how i feel
    Philp got up and left. She couldn't help how she felt about Shawn. She would talk to him when he came to drop off Teddy tomorrow. She went to mimi's and told her the whole story
    M: i told you he liked you
    B: yea but he just walked away
    M: i know that I am sure he will talk to you tomorrow. Do u like Philp
    B: Sure he is a great friend and a nice guy but i love Shawn
    M: Well maybe you should see if Shawn wants to get back together
    B: yea maybe i will
    On Sunday Hope dropped Teddy off. She said Shawn had things to do. She couldn't believe he wouldn't come and talk to her. She would have to wait until tomorrow. She didn't sleep well that night. She walked to school with Mimi and she didn't understand it either. Belle tried to find shawn before school but didn't see him anywhere and wondered if he even came to school that day. She asked Mimi if he was at school because they had 1st period together and she said he was. At lunch she found him. When she went toward him he walked away and she followed him to the mens room and she decided to wait until he was ready to talk about it and went to the lunchroom. Mimi decided to try and help Belle.
    M: Hey shawn
    S: Hey
    M: why are u playing with belle's feelings
    S: What do you mean
    M: You kiss her and you won't even talk to her
    S: Mimi stay out of it
    He closed his locker and left. After school Belle finally caught up to him
    B: Hey
    S: hey
    B: Why won't you talk to me about the kiss
    S: i am sorry it was a mistake
    B: You wouldn't of done it if you thought that. I liked it.
    S: It was i am sorry
    he left. She would have to wait. She knew it wasn't a mistake but she didn't know what his problem was and why he wouldn't tell her anything.

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    Ch. 10
    The next morning when Belle got to school Shawn was walking in with some girl laughing. Belle didn't even know they were friends. It was some girl she had first period with. When the first Belle rang she got to class, She had seen that Shawn had walked her and kissed her cheek. When Jenny sat downs he went to her desk.
    B: Hi Jenny how are you
    J: Look Belle if this is about Shawn and me I am sorry. You two broke up we are not dating but I think it might change into that.
    B: I was just asking Jenny you don't have to rub it in my face
    J: Shawn told me you were dating someone anyway
    B: I am not
    J: Well maybe not offically but you are with this guy all the time. Move on with him let Shawn expirence other things
    B: Oh like you. You stay away from our Son.
    Then the teacher came into class and sat down. Belle went to find Shawn before Jenny did
    B: What do you think you are doing
    S: What are you talking about
    B: First you kiss me, the Philp and i are dating, and now you are leading poor Jenny along. Don't you dare think that is going to be Teddy's new mommy.
    S: Belle I would never tell Teddy to call another woman mom. You are his only mother and we both know that
    B: Shawn why did you kiss me and walk away
    S: look I made a mistake you and Philp will be happy.
    B: I don't like Philp we are just friends
    S: He is always around. I can see how he feels about you
    B: Mostly its when you have Teddy I get so bored
    S: Hey its none of my business we are not together anymore. You should think about that
    B: I don't like Philp
    S: Just like I don't like Jenny think about it
    Belle didn't understand any of that. It hurt her so bad to see Shawn and Jenny walk together. It cut her really deep. So she decided to call Philp
    B: hey its me
    P: Yea
    B: Hey I decided that lets be friends and see where things go
    P: Are you sure. is it over with Shawn
    B: Yea it is
    Philp took her and picked her up from school. He worked nights at the grocery store. He had graduated last year and he was going to college and the days he didn't have it he picked Belle up. Shawn had seen her get in the car with Philp because he walked home. Mimi rode with him. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He was mad though. He called Belle later that night
    S: So Philp is Teddys new daddy
    B: What do you mean of course not
    S: I thought you didn't like pHilp
    B: The same way you told me you didn't like jenny
    S: You completly lost everything i was saying
    B: Well Shawn you know if you would of been honest from the beggining and told me the truth about some things this wouldn't of happened. It has and some things can't be undone. She hung up the phone. Shawn just stared at it. Belle went to bed.

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    Thank god it was the weekend. She could not deal with Shawn. Philp was around every weekend and it was starting to get on her nerves. She wanted to hang out with her friends by herself as well.
    B: Philp can i get a little space sometimes. I want to go see a friend we can see each other tomorrow.
    P: You want me to take Teddy for awhile
    B: No i can take care of my son
    he left and she went to Mimi's.
    M: Hey
    B: Hey
    M: Hey Teddy
    T: Hewlo
    Teddy was 1 now.
    B: Teddy here you can watch tv.
    She put cartoons on so that he would be occupied and he had toys too
    B: I am so sick of Shawn and Philp both
    M: Whats wrong?
    B: Well Shawn he kissed me that one day and now he is with Jenny. Philp god I don't even want to get into that. He won't let me do anything without him.
    M: Wow two boys that are crazy about you
    B: one boy and thats Philp. I wish i had never told him we would see where things go but i was so mad at Shawn I did it and i was thinking. Then he asked me if i wanted him to take Teddy like i couldn't care for my own son
    M: I think he was trying to be nice.
    B: Your probably right. This is just tearing me apart with Shawna nd him both. I need time to think and how can i if he never leaves me alone.
    M: Just tell him i am sure he will give u some time alone.
    B: Yea and Shawn won't even come and pick up Teddy this weekend and usually he does but he is with Jenny so he won't.
    M: Belle even if you two are with other people I know Shawn he loves his son
    B: i know that but we are mad and i just don't know.
    Belle went home that evening and decided to spend some time with her son alone. At six there was a knock on the door. They were sitting down to have supper. Belle went to answer the door
    B: Shawn
    S: I know you are about to have supper but i want my son
    B: Where were you yesterday
    S: Sorry i was busy
    B: With Jenny
    S: Maybe but I don't think its your business. Where's Philp
    B: Not here i need time apart from him anyways
    S: Come on in
    M: Hey Shawn do you want to stay for dinner that way Teddy can eat
    S: Sure
    B: Mother no he needs to get Teddy and leave
    M: Your son isn;t going to want to be taken from the table. You know when he is hungry how he is
    B: Fine. You sit over there and you can help me feed him
    Belle and Shawn fed Teddy. Then Belle went upstairs and packed Teddy an overnight bag
    B: Here he should have everything he needs until tomorrow. I need some more formula and diapers. There are coupons in there. Bye sweetheart you be good for daddy.
    S: Teddy is walking really good now he isn't so wobbly.
    B: yea ok bye you two
    Shawn leaned in and kissed Belle. She kissed him back. Then he pulled away
    S: Come on Teddy lets go to grandma's
    B: Why are you doing this to me Shawn
    S: Belle i need some time alright. Tomorrow we will talk
    B: Ok
    S: I'll call you
    B: Ok that sounds great.
    She called Mimi and told her everything.
    M: Maybe he wants to get back together.
    B: I hope so but i don't know if i can
    M: Belle he has changed he has a son now and he has matured.
    B: Well we will see what happens tomorrow.
    Belle went to sleep she slept well but not as good as she could have. She wondered what Shawn was going to say


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