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    Belle was sitting in her room studying for a test for the thousantth time. She didn;t know what to do with herself without Teddy. her cell phone rang
    B: Hello
    P: Hey Belle its Philp
    B: Hey
    P: What are you doing
    B: Studying
    P: Oh ok i can let u go
    B: Its ok Teddy is with his dad and i am lost without him
    P: You want to do something
    B: Sure like what
    P: I can come pick you up and we can figure it out then
    B: Ok
    She told her parents she was leaving and waited for Philp outside. he picked her in 10 minutes time. he opened the dorr for her
    P: So I was thinking we could get something to eat
    B: That sounds great
    They went to a resturant and talked about Teddy and Shawn. She had a good time. Philp was as bad as she thought he was. After they ate he suggested a movie
    B: I saw one yesterday with Shawn
    P: We could walk around the mall
    B: Sounds good.
    They walked around and he ended up buying Teddy and her somethings. Then they went back to her house
    B: you didn't have to buy me anything
    P: i know but I wanted too. Well your home
    B: you want to come in
    P: Sure that sounds good
    They went in and she introduced Philp to her parents. They sat in the living room and talked to her parents. He charmed them of course. Then they went outside and sat down and talked. Shawn's dad pulled into the driveway
    B: Hey shawn
    S: Hey
    B: This is philp I work with him
    Shawn gave Teddy to her
    B: mama is so lost without you
    S: Well I guess I better get going.
    B: Shawn you can stay
    S: No its fine
    he left
    P: I think he is jelous
    B: I don't see why its not like we are together or you and I are dating
    P: I think he wants to get back together
    B: Everyone says that but I don't know
    P: can I hold him
    B: Sure
    Teddy didn;t cry and he liked Philp. They went inside and Philp stayed for super her mom invited him to stay. After he helped belle give Teddy a bath and the he left
    P: See ya Tuesday
    B: yep thanks for everything
    M: I like him
    B: mom don't get any ideas we are just friends
    M: Maybe you should be more he even likes Teddy
    B: Well of course he does
    M: Some men won't date women who have a baby
    B: Good night
    She carried Teddy upstairs an put him to bed. her cell phone vibrated and she walked out of the room so she wouldn't wake Teddy
    B: Hello
    S: So who is that guy
    B: I told you a friend from work. I was bored and he wanted to hang out
    S: Does he like you
    B: yes but I am not going to date him why does it matter
    S: I was just wondering if he was going to be around my son
    B: you don't trust my judgement he is a good guy and I will hang out with him when i have Teddy as well what is it to you
    S: Nothing i was curious.
    B: Shawn what is going on
    S: What do you mean
    B: you sound jelous
    S: I am not
    B: ok if you say so
    He said good night to her and she went to bed. She was confused
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